Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring in the Air

Well Dear Readers, it is that time of year where I traditionally take a blog break, Spring Break I call it, without the beach. It will likely be a bit longer this year because family issues have gotten ever more complicated. Hopefully, I will have time to sew and share in a couple weeks. Just wanted to pop in, and not just disappear! I did manage to work in a visit to the local Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory. Enjoy the photo's, Spring is just around the corner as the old folks used to say!

see you in a couple weeks!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Tea Time Moment in March

As I continue to follow my love affair with Polish Pottery, I thought I would share a little from today's fare. This is Monday as I write this and this is probably the busiest day of my week. Post weekend clean up of the house, cleaning the fridge for trash day tomorrow, prepping lots of items for meals the week ahead as well as cooking for the day.

This little (6 cup) tea pot and the pedestal dish where it is resting are fairly new to the collection. Since tea is on-the-run today, I set up when the hot food is done and everyone is sort of on their own.

Husband had a moment at the Hobby Lobby Grand Opening the other day and thought this little cabinet would work nicely in this corner, for display and use of Polish Dish collection and well as tucking away the Sherry and a few bottles of wine. OK, said more piece in that room, why not?

Cute little piece, not fine furniture but it will serve the purpose.

I saw this cabinet in white, this green and I think black.

 My Mother was a bread baker. From scratch with cake yeast and strong arms to knead. Monday was the first day of the week for bread. We would come home from school, bread (4 loaves at a time!) and a large pot of vegetable or chicken soup simmering on the back burner and usually Jello. The scent of Clorox and furniture polish accompanied this scenario.

  I make bread, usually one loaf twice a week. I cheat, I use dry yeast and a machine. I have never, ever had a loaf fail with this recipe. I gathered it from Julia Child and PBS many moons ago when home bread machines first became popular in America. My favorite is a simple Oster and usually retails for less than $50! I am on my third in about 25 years. Not bad. It has several different cycles and can be easily programmed.
 This little Jam Pot gets frequent use. The breakfast and tea table aren't done until the Jam Pot is there.
The large Cannister on the back left corner is fairly new as well as the platter where the bread is resting. Do you remember the story of the 500 packs of commercial saltine packages that I gave hubby for Christmas. This jar can hold about 50 packs at a time. Just saying.
 Since I live in a wooded area a little light here and there can chase away the shadows that lurk all over my house. I popped this little lamp here for now, I have my eye on something else but just haven't unearthed it yet. It might be in my storage room or even in the Studio. That is a mission for the week! This little creamer, honey pot and tray have been around for a while, the first in this series with the bumble bees and lady bugs. I know, I have a problem. Please understand, this stuff is art work to me. Pure and simple. Polish Pottery for the Irish girl. Who knew?

To round out our tea this afternoon is a nice little mix of Spring salad greens and this Quiche. I find myself surrounded by eggs, laid by local, free-range, organically fed chickens that we purchase weekly. Sometimes I have to get pretty creative because this local lady works so darn hard with her chickens I just can't cut back. If I come to your home with a dozen of eggs as a hostess gift, please understand. This one is made with a cheater (Pillsbury) pie crust, pepper jack and mozzarella cheese, Canadian Bacon, little bits of pepperoni, green onion and red pepper bruschetta dots. Everyone I make is similar but different depending on what is in the fridge. MIL loves quiche. Easy for her to eat. I make it once or twice a month. There are recipes on Kitchen Chronicles Blog if you are interested. They are all about the same. 
Time for tea and clean up the kitchen, have a great week. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Everything Just Ducky Here!

photo credit: local young lady Maria Campagna

Well, good morning sewists. I must apologize for the "radio silence" here for a while. Lots of reasons, won't bore you but we all know that life gets in the way sometimes. Particularly with what I refer to as Hobby Bloggers, like me. I chose to remain unsponsored for a reason, and one of those is time constraint. I mulled a recent inquiry this week and decided to stay as I am. Time is an issue and I know, beyond all doubt, that once a commitment is made it is a job. I don't want a job. I don't need a job....I have plenty thank you!πŸ’•

So here we are in the middle of March already. I have so much that I want to do, I am itching to get outside, clean up and get some flowers in the ground. Too soon here but I have ideas. As the deer are staring in my dining room window as we speak I know that the foundations plantings that will be removed will need to be replace with anti-deer items. They are so darn cute, so brave, so invasive. I am torn. It might be getting out of hand...the size of the herd that is. I am torn. 

 Nothing like a feminine floral palette to spur the imagination. I still have not decided how this collection will be used but I am working on it.

One of the easiest ways to freshen a decor space is with nice new pillows. I am thinking this long done Redwork Chicken may be a quick project to finish this week. I have been doing lots of boring mending, hemming and remaking this week. Nothing fun. As my arthritis advances my torso length is shortening, again. Another inch or so in the last 7 months no less. This translates to ALL my pants, jeans etc. are so big that I have to roll up the waist bands to make them fit. I do not need more bulk at the me. I have a system, not perfect but I hope to share with you sometime soon. 

In this little corner I have been doing the Spring Clean. To empty the antique corner desk always makes me a bit nervous. I fear a drop of a teapot or something. So far, no problem. That is my favorite porch rocker there in the lower right corner, I brought it in because I needed a comfy seat to just rock and ponder. It is a Cracker Barrel purchase from about 5 years ago. A birthday gift from my MIL.

  • I am hoping to get back in gear this week. Geez, it doesn't take much to side track me these days.
  • So far this Lent, I have breaded over a 1000 lbs of fish at our church. I had to take a day off, my number is down this year!
  • Hope the weather is improving for you, the storms in the North East have been devastating for so many. 


Thursday, March 1, 2018

All Those In-Progress Projects!

I have a little collection of 2 inch squares cut from left over fabrics from a couple favorite quilts. I tend to gather a pile or two then do little things. I am turning this group into four patches with white contrast. I have already used some of these in other projects but this is the last of them.
   I am making strips of these, I plan to try them out as a border on the Charm Jumble quilt. If not that one, I have another one in mind.
Remember those Three inch Tumbler strips, still waiting for a press and a trim. There must be a hundred of them. (not really!)
Have you ever seen the quilts in high end catalogs composed only of large, I mean 10-12 inch squares, all in coordinating fabrics. Very chic-chic and pricey as all get out. (there goes the Gomer Pyle thing again!) Anyway, I got this fabric to copy one of those, for Summer, for me. Still in their uncut form I am tossing the design around in my head before I cut into it. I found out a very interesting tidbit the day I bought this. (on big sale by the way) Moda, pre-washes all their fabric before it is wound on the bolt. Good to know.
It is never too soon to plan for the Thanksgiving baskets. This little design set was marked waaaaay down and it called to me, looks a bit French to me. Not sure when I will get to this but it is so darn cute.
 What we have here is a Buy One, Get One magazine offer that has lots of great ideas. I may change my plans for the Multi-floral fabric.
  • That's all I'm willing to reveal right now, if I showed the rest I might have to hide my head in  quilter shame. I have told you before, I am a Sprinter! Love the start, the plan, the fabric, the test blocks and then slog through the rest of it. Of course, there is a Dead Pause at the basting stage as witnessed by the finished tops piling up. 
  • Husband reminded me of that fact recently, if he only knew!
  • I am falling behind in the Lenten Purge and Clean! HelpπŸ˜₯

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Fungal Fantasy in Sewtopia

Just look at these colors!

These logs were cut two years ago, they have been outside all that time. Waiting for their end purpose, they are blooming again and I just had to share. Lichen spots are popping through.

Check out the moss and pops of green grass. This is February in Western Pennsylvania.

These are left from two large Oaks, see the pretty rings?

Tucked against a bank by one of the out buildings, they have become home to a few critters along the way. I make lots of noise to scare them off before I approach!

Look at those lacy ruffles.

These are not wet, they are that shiny. (the blue is a tarp)

A quilter can study these colors like a color wheel. I love Fall color combinations. 
*Photo's taken with my mobile phone while on one of my nature walks. If Lucy had been with me, it would have been a perfect, warm, sunny day in February!

*wanted to add, every time I see moss or fungus I think of my dear friend Joan, passed two years now. She always thought I was quite odd about my fascination with it all. Joan, these photo's are for you. God Bless!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Our Feathered (WOOLIE) Friends!

Several of us in the Ladies of the Cloth quilting group, follow and admire the work of  Kelly Cline Quilting.  visit her website here.

She can take a sweet little Vintage Handkerchief and turn it into a mini-masterpiece with some layered batting and quilting stitches. A couple of the ladies in our group are working on projects in Kelly's style to replicate the process.

I have great intentions to join in, just need to get to the machine. I have chosen my Vintage piece from my collection and marked a tentative pattern but that is as far as I have managed so far. 

 But lets go to the next level, change mediums and introduce a totally different concept using a Vintage hanky. Enter Terri. You know her, she does all kinds of really neat artsy things. Using a sweet little bird themed fabric, Terri has decided to needle felt her little characters and Good Glory Be (I think I just sounded like Gomer we have a little masterpiece in the works! I can't wait to see this one completed. Wow, great idea.
  • All right, now I really feel like a dud, I need to get the lead out. 
  • I can always depend on the Ladies from this group to have great ideas involving needle, thread, fabric, wool!
  • I am working on a sweet little wool project, a proprietary and copy righted pattern so I can't show process or progress but I will share the finished item, hopefully soon. Toodles.  

Friday, February 23, 2018

Little Pieces = Too Sweet

I have always admired those quilter/artists who are able to take little pieces of fabric and make a masterpiece. Our Rose, from The Ladies of the Cloth Group, has great skill in this medium . This mini-quilt is one example. Is this sweet or what? Just look at that little duck enjoying her garden!
One element of this fabric that I find so nice is the black outlining on the petals of the flowers, the leaves and even the duck!
 Rose has enhanced the leaf design in the border with outline stitching. Just lovely, thanks Rose.
  • So glad I was finally able to upload some photo's. Not all for some reason. The wide shot of this little quilt is one of those. I hope this illustrates the work in this little quilt despite that.
  • Our warm weather is gone, as expected. We will have to enjoy our flowers in fabric for a while yet. 
  • Think of me as you read this. I will be the one in a hair bonnet, plastic gloves and apron up to my elbows in fish and breading. About 400 lbs of it I think.πŸ™‹
  • Thanks Rose.

Spring in the Air

Well Dear Readers, it is that time of year where I traditionally take a blog break, Spring Break I call it, without the beach. It will li...