Saturday, December 16, 2017

Where Did She Go?

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They seem to be asking the question....where did she go? She is still here Sewsts! She is returning to her role of full-time nurse and part-time physical therapist. Bear with me, I will likely not get much to the blog for the next two weeks but I will return. With bells on, these little girls need bells too!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lost and Found: Making Cake for Christmas

I suspect you know by now that I had parts of this quilt done and lost the whole thing. I had it in a basket that got moved into an obscure space and found it during a purge-clean! 4 weeks later! No it will not be done for Christmas this year. Pretty sure of that!

See what I mean, in its little basket. The cut pieces in a zip bag waiting to be pressed and the uncut blocks in a bin with cutters and a ruler. I was ready................

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Nothing Like Fresh Pineapple!

Hello dear Sewists. I apologize for my lack of blog posts but I am totally swamped with things other than sewing....much to my dismay. I will likely be off and on for a couple weeks.
No automatic alt text available.I saw this sweet block somewhere, probably Facebook and thought you might appreciate seeing it too. I am considering it for a single block little flag-like piece to hang from a little wrought iron hanger I keep in my sewing room.  You could choose what ever size block that suits your purpose. Tiny blocks could be a mug rug, the 2 1/2 inch block would adapt easily to a small quilt. The possibilities are endless including using up fabrics that may not be your favorites but mixed in with likeable fabrics not so bad!

  • The good news, I found the Christmas Cake Mix quilt! It was in the studio but behind some other things. The bad news, I haven't had time to work on it :) There is always next year, right?
  • Christmas decor is mostly up, few little things to finish. I am going low key this year. 
  • I have wonderful friends, just saying. How great is that?
  • Bradley went back home with his Dad. One of the most heart warming moments I have witnessed recently was when Dear Son came in the front door and that sweet old half blind dog realized it was him. It was like he was a puppy again. Son was off the airplane, home to pick up girlfriends little dog, here to get his old boy in short order. I think he missed him more than the dog missed his Dad. 
  • I am a dog person. In case you didn't already know that! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Week That Slipped By.....

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I have no idea where the days went. I can't seem to find them anywhere, including all the pieces to my Christmas quilt. I know....can you believe I lost it! After sewing all those half square triangles, tearing off all the papers, etc. gone. I have torn the house and car apart. Nothing.

I have a house guest for a week. My Grand Dog, Bradley. He is a senior citizen with some arthritis and some quirks but he is a sweetheart. Time is involved. He is a bit needy but I am having such a great time with a dog in the house again. I'll be back, hopefully my quilt will too. Wish me luck!
Meet Brad, 16, a sweet old man. Picture shy too. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Going Down the Wardrobe Project Path, Again.

I joined the on-line Facebook group sponsored by McCall-Vogue-Butterick patterns several months ago. I have made my own clothes most of my life. Recently, quilting took over and the whole garment thing sat on the back shelf. I miss it. Since I am always looking for a new challenge, a new project, a new direction a few challenges have come to my attention.

My Secret Love, Elmer (School Glue That Is!)

A Fall Theme Panel Quilt framed with a 6 inch blue border and then a 14 inch striped border. I added another trim border at 2 1/2 inches sort of breaks up those stripes. It measures finished at 72 x 102 inches. Isacord thread top and bobbin, warm and natural batting.
My normal procedure after quilting is to square up and rough trim the quilt. I am not sure how I managed to NOT have a wavy border on this one after all the un-stitching, etc. I then rough trim the quilt to within a half inch of the edge then trim even with the edge using a four thread overlock on the serger and trimming as I go. Why, you ask? Well, I like a nice flat even edge. I find that I sometimes get a wobble using a straight stitch or even a zig-zag. The serger lays down a nice layer of flat thread that trims and secures the edge, no wave, no wobble.
A scrappy French binding is called for here. I take all left overs from the project and cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips. I then randomly join all the short ends and make a long, long tail of 2 1/2 inch strips. I press them in half, wrong sides together and then I run them through the serger too. I have only done this a couple times and will likely continue. I have always basted the binding to keep it from stretching or shifting during application but that was sometimes hit and miss and the darn under layer would twist. This way, same thing...nice flat trimmed fabric. No shifting during application.
The serger cuts the fabric as it stitches and multiple thicknesses are not a problem.
So lets put that binding on! I have read about the multiple uses of Elmers School Glue in quilting but have not done too much with it. I took an on-line class about my sewing machine the other day and one of the projects used the Glue the Binding Method. I had the glue, I knew what to do, so I jumped in. On this quilt I attached the binding to the back and turned it to the front. I pressed it well, lifted the binding, applied a thin thread of glue, pressed it down until dry and clamped it.
I'm in love. This worked so well I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try it.
I like the small clips and the medium ones but the large ones...for this use, No. Too big, too bulky, the surface of the clip isn't as secure as the little ones.
Using the inside edge of the foot and the laser beam I attached the turned binding with a decorative stitch. In the decorative stitch menu it is 11-22, w=4 and L=2.5.
Sorry for the blurry photo, telephone picture, camera was up two flights of stairs and I was tired, starting to fade...remember I had been up since 4:30 am. This is a simple blanket stitch, I wanted a stitch with only forward motion. Most of the decorative stitches go every direction and I did not want to spend that much time or thread on this quilt.

  •  I like machine binding. The entire quilt was bound (not including making the binding) took about 1 hour. My hands don't hurt.
  • The bonus is the Elmer's School Glue Method. I am all over that. So easy, so neat, so easy to attach the binding without shifting and slipping.
  • I still have to make a label. I bought some new soft-wear to make in-the-hoop embroidery labels but just haven't had time to upload it and play. Soon.  
  • I like the little and medium size Clover Clips for this binding method. The big ones are too big. Need to find another use for them.  
  • I'm off to a Bridge Re-opening Party. Long story short, we have had a culvert bridge closed for 15 weeks. It was supposed to be 4, no more than 5! The community rallied, petitioned legislators, called the news media etc. and got some action. Now, the detour that cost me an extra 20 minutes for every trip and an extra tank of gas per week is done. We are having a party in a garage that has lost 30% of their business because of this. People have lost jobs. We have food and a live band. It was sort of my idea. On Facebook. I must be there to cut the ceremonial ribbon!I am hoping we have some patio heaters, it's cold outside!!!! 
  • I am not a show quilter. I quilt because it is fun. I quilt because it is meditative. I quilt because I want to. You do not need to be a competitive quilter if you just want to learn a skill and have fun. You don't need a high end machine to do it. Any machine that does a straight stitch will make you a great quilter. I admit to having an issue with machines, it started when I was 9 years old. Can't help it. I document what machines I use because machine questions often come to me via email. You don't need laser beams etc. a simple mark on the flat bed of any machine will guide your stitches. So have a great time, inspire, create and most of all finish one thing, then another after the second piece you can officially call yourself a quilter. 
    Happy Dance,  Happy Dance!Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Laying down the asphalt, light snow flurries too.


Where Did She Go?

They seem to be asking the question....where did she go? She is still here Sewsts! She is returning to her role of full-time nurse and pa...