Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Week End Share-Seen on Facebook:Mule Nannies

Mule nannies are used in Italy when grazing animals are moved from high pastures down to the plains. Newborn lambs are unable to make the journey own their own. 
They ride in pouches of a specially made saddle. 
At rest stops lambs are returned to their mothers for a meal & some nuzzling.
Would't these patches be cute, cute, cute done in half square triangles? Bear with has been a long week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Flower of the Month for August----Gladiolus

Gladiolus August Birth Flower
As Summer starts to wane, the Gladiolus comes into its own!
As I write this it is 2 am, yes, 2 am. Our sweet little Lola is ailing. Not from a specific illness but because she is growing so fast her little bones cannot keep up and she has developed some osteopathy, at age 3 months. Not particularly unusual, I am told, but worrisome. She is febrile, listless and limping. After exam, x rays and medication as well as a change in food we see improvement already. That does cause other issues as well because she is drinking quite a bit of water and needs to "go-out" often. Thus the vigil. Last night Mr. Sewtopia was on duty, tonight I am carrying the torch. How do we become so attached to our pets in such a short period of time? I am very confident that we are on the right path and hopefully that will be confirmed by the Dr. this afternoon. 

One year ago on this day I was applying binding to the "Stackers Quilt" featured on the Missouri Star website. This was the first of the Three Sisters Quilt Series.
I also stitched up a quick little table mat with left over fabric for the kitchen table. The fabric is from the Kansas Troubles line by Moda.
This quilt was in its pin basting stage, it was the second of the Three Sisters series.

This year you will notice a large blank space in the Studio accomplishments section😇  I am mostly working on finishing some hand stitching on a pincushion and working on the interminable crochet blanket that just keeps hanging around. One or two rows a day, for a year, seems like snail speed, because it is! I am a quilter and prefer to work in that medium but for now, we are playing hookey!

  • We are not scheduled for any rain today! I will believe it when I see it.
  • We have some leaves falling, not sure if I am prepared for the Season change yet.
  • I have a plan to make use of sample machine embroidered blocks. A Fall colorway. 
  • What a week. Hoping to get back to my boring and routine life soon. Somewhere, in a closet, the Third of the Three Sisters Series from 2017 is hiding. Oh, my, I forgot to finish that one!!!   

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The American Bistro Series On Kitchen Chronicles

The blooming Purple Shamrocks
I gave that little plant up for dead several months ago. I took the dried up crock and placed it outside on the patio to be emptied and tossed. I got busy. Then....guess what, we had grown into a beautiful plant again. Rain soaked and warmed by the Sun, my neglect caused rebirth. There you go, moral of the story-don't give up!

There has been NO sewing in Sewtopia for about 4 weeks now. Between the garden, raising Miss Lola (also known as Dogzilla) as well as moving Granny to assisted living, time is something I don't have. 

Of course the garden will not wait, as everything reaches its peak pickles need to be made, vegetables need to be preserved and eaten. Over on Kitchen Chronicles I have added three new recipes using the garden bounty in a simple-to-prep American Bistro Style. I have had the pleasure of dining in many American Style Bistro's and the emphasis on fresh is the hall mark of the genre. The recipes over there are for Roasted Vegetable Soup, Chickpea Summer Salad and Fresh Shrimp Cakes. Just click on this link to visit.

The Google Fix for the search errors on this blog has me confused. I have no idea what they are measuring or why. Don't plan to change much of anything. So, we are back as time permits and that is the key factor, time. I am in a bit of a spin for many reasons and setting aside the time and energy to sew right now is not a priority. But.....we will be around, doing what we can. I have more ideas than I will ever complete, I have projects ready to go but Miss Lola just cannot come with me to the studio. Too many temptations there. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Not Really Walking Away Just Buffering.......The Bane of our Technical Society

Now that I look at this photo I see it might have not been the best choice for my statement! It is meant to represent that Lola and I must walk away from the blog for about a week. I received notice from Google that there have been some errors that have affected the blog for about the last two weeks. For repair time (about a week or so they say) we will add no new posts. We are not going away, we are standing by, buffering if you will. If the whole thing disappears for a while know that it is under construction. So, happy August, try to find some time to work on a favorite project.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

I Wish I Could, I Wish I Could.......................

  • re-plan my sewing/quilting plan, the current one has fallen waaaay short!
  • re-start Summer-I feel like it has been a train I missed!
  • re-plant the garden beds-early on I had some blossom end rot on the two squash plants, I read that adding TUMS as a calcium supplement would stop that. It did, with a vengeance, right now the squash are taking over, I am not joking. Photo's will soon follow! oldfarmhouse: “Via @mysimplereminders ”

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Seen Recently: The quilt Wisperer (other peoples work)

Perfection in Nature

 Good Morning Sewists! Have you ever been captivated by the work of other quilters? Have you considered just how much talent/practice is required to reach the expertise we see online and at quilt shows? Recently,  I read a brief piece that claims that anyone can reach this level of expertise with enough practice. I do not agree with that. I do feel that there are some special people who have been gifted with a special skill that puts their work above the standard. Was Mr. Rembrandt an average painter dude with lots of time to practice? I doubt that. Look at what Julia does in these examples. 

There is a young woman long-arm quilter who shows her work on Facebook. Her Facebook page is Julia Quiltoff. I am always amazed at her work.
This is just one example of how she can take any quilt, any style any genre and make it a masterpiece.

 Someone called her "The Quilt Wisperer!"

Of course, most of us will likely not ever achieve her level of skill or her style. Most of us make quilts to be used, on beds, couches, cuddlers, baby quilts. This is the link to her Facebook page. She lives in the midwest, is a mother of two small children. 

Image may contain: plant and flower

This is one of the currently popular quilt panels.
Image may contain: indoor
And this....................

Please check her Facebook Timeline for more outstanding work.    

  • For those wishing inspiration, check out You Tube Video's, just use "quilting" as your search word.
  • There are now more Facebook sewing/quilting sites than ever. Most require a request to join. Usually two or three sewing related questions are asked to weed out lurkers.
  • And of course there is always Google, use quilting, or piecing, or quilt tops...whatever, and many options will pop up. The world is your oyster in the online quilt world.
  • My most recent foray at a public library yielded very little in this genre. Mostly old-style books donated from an estate sale.
  • Many quilt guilds offer gently used books, old and current, at shows and charity shops at much reduced prices. 
Well, well, that's a wrap for July. August is upon us, my tomatoes will ripen all in the same day of this I am sure.  I have recently discovered A Place Called Home on Acorn TV. Set in beautiful NSW , Austrailia, it is a bit of Downton Abbey set in post-WWII and 1980's Dynasty. It is sort of soap opera-ish but the scenery, the style and the landscape take it up a level or two. I may start wearing my pearls every day.

The Week End Share-Seen on Facebook:Mule Nannies

Mule nannies are used in Italy when grazing animals are moved from high pastures down to the plains. Newborn lambs are unable to mak...