Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The First Penny Mat, a Hand Stitched Project in Wool

I suspect that you may be a little weary of the epic of the Penny Mat. This is it, I promise. It is done. It is sort of cute, useable and certainly Primitive. I will make another with a slightly different process. Since I had no 'destination' for it upon finish I snapped it with a candle, pseudo with battery power.  
penny rug

Primitive Gathering kit
I think it will stay here for a while, on the chest in the front living room window. It seems happy here at least for a while.
The Spider plant was very neglected over the Holidays. I forgot to water it so it is in a recuperative phase, really I don't not usually abuse my houseplants. The lamp is a Westwood I bought in 1974. I had to have brass lamps, still have them all, still use them all. They have been bumped around and have nary a nick!!! The Shaker Boxes are reproductions about 20 years old. They are varnished and have developed a nice patina over the years. The snow you see out the window came from the South East on this particular day blowing in on a horizontal wind in the front of the house but swirling from every direction in the back of the house because of the trough coming off the little mountain. Keeps things interesting. In summary:
  • I really like using a Kit for a new craft. All the pieces are there, they are color coordinated and there is essentially no waste.
  • The pattern for this mat was well drafted and accurate.
  • The written directions were good, a little wordy at times. Not entirely clear on some points explanations a little more complicated than they needed to be, but totally manageable. 
  • The Steam-a-Seam 2 adhered well to the black wool base mostly because the backing fabric was applied immediately, not manipulated and handled before it was secure.
  • The finished weight of the piece is good. It lies nice and flat, no curled edges. The double pennies help with that.
  • I will make another one, same size with my wools and a different process. I'll let you know how that works out.
  • Have I mentioned how much I like working with wool?  (:)
  • about the kit
  •  Originally published January, 2014.

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