The Quilters Best Friend, The Half Square Triangle

 Today is one of those days with errands, appointments, and distractions. I was not able to get to the studio so the next best thing, drum roll please, catch up on my sewing videos. The kettle is on, the scones are done and I am ready to watch, won't you join me........?

These are Lemon Blueberry "cheater" scones that come as a mix from King Arthur. I am a fan, I have bought lots of things from them and these mixes are fantastic. Since I don't bake as much as I used to, I often don't have everything on hand that I need. But when the King has a sale, you get 5 for the price of 4. I tend to scan before the sales and then I list what I want/need and place a large enough order to get free shipping. When you are buying bags of flour, trust me, that shipping prices is a stinker.

This dish looks like a pie plate but it is divided into 8 sections, the scones come out as wedges. No rolling and cutting. Just grease the plate well, use an ice cream scoop and press them in. 

I bought this set during the pandemic, they still have it. I tend to make the scone about once every two or three weeks unless the kids are in a crave! I usually wrap them well and freeze them in an air-sealed container. My favorite is their Lemon and Blueberry, Next fav is Peaches and Cream. Well there is also Apple and Cinnamon, etc. I have no affiliation, of course, just a satisfied customer.

OK, back to the half square triangle. I use so many of these lately. I like them all in rows, in borders, you know how it is. I love a scrap quilt too, put them together and magic. I have to say mine have gone a little wonky recently so I did some research to solve some problems, interesting video's below. I think the foot I am using on my machine may be the problem, it has a little finger that sticks out as a guide. I'm going to play tomorrow after reviewing today's videos. Have a great day!

Di, from Sister Chicks Quilting, HERE. 

From Just Get It Done Quilts, Karen Brown,a very nice tutorial, HERE.

Tutorial from Amy Smart, HERE.







Just Get It Done Quilts had a nice little video about the many ways to make the Half Square Triangle, The HST VIDEO, HERE