A Saturday Smile


Big day yesterday, cleaning out a storage room where I had bins of quilt batting, pillow forms, patterns, etc. Husband never really noticed this stuff. And then, finally, my flat bed Steam Press arrived in a giant box with "Team Lift" printed on the outside. Well, clearly the FedEx dude was not a team member. He plopped it on the porch, well halfway onto the porch teetering and ready to tumble down. He is a cranky man. Husband was standing 3 feet from him, greeted him preparing to offer a cold drink. It is 90+ degrees here right now. Cranko-the-American brushed past him without a word, reved his engine and flew down the driveway. This has happened several times. A few months ago he dropped a new rolled up carpet in the driveway, in water. I am quite sure this is not the job he dreamed about at 21, I'm sorry, but hubby was being nice. Oh well, this is the world we live in these days. PS, our mailman, 2 different UPS drivers and all the other delivery people are wonderful. Our trash man is a saint. 

Anyway, enough for the story of the week. As a result of the recent discoveries in this room, husband went on a "clever spree" and sent this little reminder;

 May be an image of 1 person and textTakes one to know one, right?

  • on the next tool time, after I have a chance to decide where to put the Steam Press and play with it a bit, I'll post a review. This was my birthday present to me. 
  • I've misplaced my camera during this clean out, now I have to go through several trash bags, at least 4 bins of items to be donated to the church parish flea market, and behind everything in my studio where it may have fallen. Therefore, no photo's of finished Forever Quilt today. So sorry, don't mean to be a bore. 
  • Have a lovely weekend. I was on the porch with Lola and my coffee for 6 1/2 minutes this morning. That's it. Done. I will water the plants at sundown. 


marly said…
Hope you had a nice birthday, whenever it was. I have already lost a few potted annuals to excessive rain. I just repotted a New Guinea and the landscape fabric piece at the bottom to prevent dirt fall out, was moldy. So is the top of the soil in a few other baskets. But my Bubblegum pinks are thirsty and drink it up every day!
celkalee said…
Hello there, so sorry for your flower issues. Last year we had a terrible time. We bought our potted plants from a different nursery. We suspect that the overwhelming mold we encountered was the fault of that nursery. Every single plant died. We discarded them, sterilized the pots, put new potting soil in them, and bought new plants at our regular nursery at half price because it was Fourth of July week. Once that mold gets going, you are doomed.It has been a very rainy season here too until this week. I often move my fragile plants to the covered porch. My birthday was early May but I am to the point if I wake up and can move, it's a gift, a birthday gift!