A This and That, Tools, Organization, Sharp Things, OH and Bananas.

Who doesn't need a cartoony looking turkey hanging on the wall? Really, what was I thinking?

I came to a brilliant conclusion last week. I can only do one thing at a time. In the past, I would have the embroidery machine working on a item while piecing another project on another machine. Often there would be laundry going in the next room, while the iron was heating up ready to press said piecing blocks on the wool pad and assaulted with the clapper. No more. One thing at a time. I cannot move fast enough, or even enough to maintain that pace these days. As a result of this brain wave, I have changed the way I work. That means sorting all my tools into one cart rather than having them at each work station. One place, that way I don't have to zip about looking for the Famore snips or the right needle to hand stitch a folded tricky seam.  

I have had this pack of needles since the 1990's! I bought them at a Martha Pullen Heirloom retreat sponsored by my sewing machine dealer. Every needle one would need. The "straw" needles have been used up, will need replaced. The others still have a few in their little sleeves. I still need to do some hand sewing now and then.
I have done a little bit of work on the Thanksgiving panel. I have lots more to do, I hope to get to some of that this week. It's slow and steady because I am echo stitching around some of the motifs. 
A long way to go!

I cannot be the only person who buys too many bananas with good intention. I find that I can only eat maybe half of one before it is too much. Therefore, we have the little buggers sitting there, quite smartly I might add, in their Polish Pottery dish just waiting to rot and defy my good intentions.
Well, then along come that recipe for banana ice cream with no use of an ice cream machine. Now, I placed all the little slices on a pizza pan and slipped it into the freezer. Opening and closing the drawer resulted in many of the little darlings stuck to the bottom of the upper drawer. I know! So, the whole darn drawer has to be emptied, removed, bananas thawed and picked off. Then I need to start over, with more bananas. Never a dull moment here, never.  Remember now, I just emptied the freezer, cleaned and reloaded it.

The cart chosen as a rolling tool chest. I consolidated some other carts and chose this one, with multiple smaller drawers for this project. Each drawer is labeled, of course.

This drawer holds small rulers in their own pouches so the markings do not wear off.

This little string of LED lights have changed my life. I picked up a few more (from Love Sew, HERE.) Right now they are on the Baby Lock Rachel, my travel machine, the new straight stitch only Baby Lock Accomplish and the Baby Lock Coronet long arm machine. These machines all have lights but my eyes need more. Thus the enhancements! 

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Do you ZIG or do you ZAG? Ha, a little sharp blade humor.