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Sewtopia at Home, the First Impression

 1,271 Victorian Hallway Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStockFirst impressions darling, first impressions! Repeated several times during the early scenes in the new PBS series, Hotel Portofino, I'm reminded of the same sentiment, different phrases of course, but the same instruction from my mother and grandmother. I saw quite a few "not so good first impressions this morning" while out and about and I cannot help but feel a type of sympathy for those growing up in America right now, the extremely casual lifestyle that does not encourage combing ones hair or dressing in clothes that have been pressed. Shallow? No, I am just echoing the words of my childhood, first impressions are lasting impressions.

The entrance hall of our homes provides its own first impression. My first impressions of the entrance hall in this Victorian home is a very good one, the woodwork painted dark blue with the matching stair carpet is a modern update but keeping with the esthetic of the home. Fresh, clean, impressive. While I am not sure about the framed work on the wall, it otherwise seems very nice. A always fear that the art work will be bumped and cause an injury.

 3,670 House Entrance Hall Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStockAnother example, very white, too white for my taste but the touches of naturally stained woodwork does brighten it a bit. 

62 Victorian Hallway ideas | victorian hallway, hallway inspiration, house  interiorThe floor, just look at that floor! Be still my heart.

 Victorian Hallway Ideas in LondonBlack and white, always a classic look, I like it, it is a modern touch for sure, but I will not be painting the doors black. 

Entrance hall with charcoal and mustard geometric floor tiles against white  walls in a renovated Victorian home, Acton, Ealing, West London, UK  [2000x3000] : r/RoomPornOne more, narrow, much like my own, but look at the yellow inlay in this tile pattern. pretty.

It seems to be a recent passion of mine, I am of the mind to make some changes to our entrance hall, not that it is grand like these, but I need to update, to freshen, to make it more welcoming. I am building a mood-board now, finding craftsmen for what I want to do is a bit of a challenge. No rush, I'll work on it. 

  • About the new series, Hotel Portofino, HERE!   
  • Controlling the budget is, of course, a priority. This is not all I have in mind, there will be no big projects, just some little ones. 
  • My seasonal restlessness, the desire to move furniture, change window treatments, etc. is nothing new. I will likely be sewing some window treatment, pillow covers, etc. but I will probably not complete this project before the next season!😂 My mother would be impressed.


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