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Red, White, and Blue in Fabric and Floral

 On this Summer Friday, after a major storm here on Wednesday, I am still sweeping up bits of blossoms, trees, and just 'stuff' that I cannot identify. Of course, we lost electricity in the middle of the storm but we are fortunate to have a whole house generator to keep everything going. Thankfully.  P1050159.JPG

From a Three Rivers Quilt Show in 2015, the red, white, and blue theme is carried out with charming little pinwheel blocks, hard to see in this photo, the blue sashing is dots, cute little dots!

Sometimes, when the sun is going down, even in Summer, it gets chilly out there. While I use the quilt for cushioning for my weary bones, I can always wrap up if I need to. I have a selection of quilts that are too small for the beds, really don't coordinate with the bedrooms or the furniture in general and are perfect for this and for picnics.  P1050155.JPG


The companion quilt on a different rocker, My shamrocks are blooming in this photo.

 As we approach July 4th, I thought some patriotic quilts would be a nice treat. 

This is another shop hop display . I have the panel, this is also on  The List! 
This one is Melissa Corry's Log Cabin made from a block exchange and scrambled to create a finished block. Love it. I have shown this before, the idea is a great one for a group project.
Missouri Quilt companyThis one is copied from a Missouri Start quilt company project. Too cute!
 Rose season, beautiful scented flowers, the color in the early blooms on this bush change to a much darker, almost velvet looking bloom with very dark maroon on the petal edges.

This is one of my first Log Cabin quilts, on the famous antique rocker. This is an older photo.

  • That shop hop year was a busy one, there were lots of patriotic panels, kits, and yardage available. I discovered 3 kits in my search, 3, I admit I sort of forgot about them, thus the frenzy of the shop hop.
  • I have ordered my patriotic bunting twice from two different vendors, one still on a ship somewhere and the other set to arrive on Saturday, just in time I hope. I need to start my decorating for the picnic at least a week before the day, I am slower now. 
  • Picnic menu will be pretty traditional, fire up the grill for burgers, hot dogs, chicken, some potato salad, macaroni salad, some deviled eggs for the hubs, a fruit salad, and a new bean salad I found. I need to try something new now and then. The closer will be watermelon and apple pie. And a charming little coffee ice cream that I will need to make the day before.   Have a lovely weekend!


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