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Jumping Bean Thoughts This Morning!

 As our tulip season comes to an end, I am looking forward to the next blooms, not sure what that will be this year. Off to the garden center soon. February Desktop BackgroundsRebecca Plotnick

1.) Aren't these pink tulips absolutely divine? Tulips are so fragile, their bloom so brief. I have eventually given up on tulips here, the deer will dig up and eat every single one. Even those planted in concrete urns, on a landing near the front porch, gone. 

2.)  Some time ago, either last year or the year before, I gathered up a pile of red, white, and blue strips and joined them, jelly-roll-style, added some little white blocks, a Ewww, what a mess. I folded it up and tucked it away, with an intent to cut it up and find some way to use it. So, the plan..... placemats for the back porch? A new patriotic blanket for Lola? 

4.) Sour dough on hold for now. My sensitivities are acting up. Are the welts covering my face, neck, arms due to the sour dough, the new meds, or facial cleanser??? Process of elimination now, funny, I am now pink instead of pale😳

5.) In my spare time I came upon this amazing artist Paola Merrill. (Her instagram account, HERE. Just watching her You Tube videos are inspiring and hopeful. We often hear so many negative comments about the younger generations, she is proof that our world has much to gain from the young ones. The Cottage Fairy, HERE. Her videos encourage me to walk the woodlands, to make simple breads, candles, and simmering herbs. Take a look, she is a sweetie. I have ordered some book marks and paintings from her Etsy site. She paints each one as ordered and just married in the last few weeks. I will have a bit of a wait but it will be worth it.

6. )I find that I am using my time more carefully. Time is such a depleting commodity. There are clocks everywhere in my home. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. They remind me to appreciate the time I have. I am not cowering in a subway tunnel for 3 months, I have plenty of food to eat, my home is safe, comfortable, and no one is dropping bombs here. With this war (Ukraine/Russia) we are able to view, first-hand, the devastation on a daily and real time basis. I remember my mother say that she went for months and months, almost a year before she heard from my father. He had left England for the invasion and after landing on Omaha Beach and surviving, he was in the drive through France. There was not time or opportunity to write a letter. There were no telephones, no computers, no internet. I cannot image how difficult that was for her. Life was different then, of course, simpler in some ways but infinitely more difficult in others.   

7.)The week ahead is a busy one. Every day is booked, the best part will be lunch with a friend. 

8.) My dear friend, a former room mate from nursing school, is recovering nicely following her surgery and will not need chemo therapy or radiation, I am so, so grateful. Prayers do work!

  Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!


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