The Saturday Bonus Recipe, Broccoli Salad


The view today from the East wooded area by our former horse barn. The leaves are falling, falling, falling.

Well, hello there on this cool, dark, rainy Fall morning in Sewtopia. A few posts ago I promised to post my absolute favorite Broccoli salad, from Deb Perlman of the Smitten Kitchen. Would you believe I misplaced the recipe? It's easy but I wanted to make sure I had the dressing ingredients properly portioned. So, while cleaning the dining room (remember I am cutting cotton flannel on the table for husbands recliner pants) I found my favorite Longaberger Pie carrier basket with a stack of yet-to-be-filed recipes. There she was, so now here she is!  Just pop on to the link that will take you over to my kitchen blog, Kitchen Chronicles. Bon Appetite!