Charmed, I'm Sure! A tote, and an Apron using a Charm Pack!


(One of my little sheep collectibles, found this little cutie mis-placed in with the Halloween trims. I took this photo while putting those Christmas decorations away that year. I am sorting as I go, what to keep, what to donate, what to bin? ) BTW, this one is a keep!    

Anyway, Do you need a charming gift? Maybe for a housewarming, Thanksgiving hostess gift or even a just because surprise? A dear friend mentioned to me that long days of chemotherapy left her weak, cold, and bored. I racked my wee brain trying to come up with something to make the process a little easier. I made a charm tote, much like the one in the tutorial here. A matching cuddle quilt and small zippered pouch completed the grouping. Little snacks and hand cream, a book, and some magazines fit perfectly in the tote.   


(Primitive Halloween decor by decorator friend, Joann Powell.) 

Since 2011 Melissa Corry has graced blogland with her designs and tutorials. Here are a few of her most popular free projects. Think gifts!

The Charming Tote by Melissa Corry, HERE

  •  Charming Little Apron, HERE
  • Thank You Melissa
  • Sadly, my absolute favorite Breville oven has a broken hinge. I know, I lament but I use that little thing every day. However, the new kitchen, the new range has the same function in the top oven. So for now, the Breville is going. I have decided, well at least for now, not to replace it and use the new range. I have only used the large oven 2 times, the smaller top oven maybe 4 times since installation. No reason really, the little one was just easer. 
  • I think I have the germination of an idea for some rearranging the studio. I will need a little help, son will need to put me on his schedule. He works 50-60 hours per week so I will need to finesse the process with my request. He usually rolls his eyes, smiles, and says "anytime!" Well, anytime is a little too open-ended, so I will have my calendar handy. That drives him nuts!  Details to follow.
  •  Planning ahead, I ordered my Christmas ham and turkey today. I am hearing about supply issues. I also am trying to scale back a bit this year. There are only four of us now, too much food gets wasted.