Thursday, April 19, 2018

Finished! Fini! Afgewerkt! Finito!

not the best photo, sorry, will take another soon!

Today, bird is the word. Good Morning Stitching Friends, do you like my attempt at language arts in the title? Ha! These days I am just trying to keep my native language, English, on tap!👀
Can You See It????? Aghhhhhhh!!! My chicken has a little something flying from his beak because someone didn't see it. I will try to tuck it under with a needle when time permits, you know jab and squiggle. I think that is just a loose thread coming out of the flower. I need to improve my lighting I think.
We had a health care provider at the house yesterday to set up the CPM machine for husband's post-operative knee treatment and he looked at Charlie Chicken of Chicken Derby fame with a questioning eye. Now, remember, this guy looks to be about the same age as my Son so I will forgive his questioning demeanor...he, unlike my Son, did not grow up with a Mother who always had a needle handy whether it is in hand or on a machine. (or two!)
I  have a jadite bird in the china closet.
 I have a chicken or two hanging around. Of the decorative sort. These birds can be a characters if you have ever spent some time with them, not brilliant, but quirky.
My word! There's another one in Amber glass! Please excuse the blurrish photo's Camera going on this phone.
Different Closet, different chicken!

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