Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lost and Found: Making Cake for Christmas

I suspect you know by now that I had parts of this quilt done and lost the whole thing. I had it in a basket that got moved into an obscure space and found it during a purge-clean! 4 weeks later! No it will not be done for Christmas this year. Pretty sure of that!

See what I mean, in its little basket. The cut pieces in a zip bag waiting to be pressed and the uncut blocks in a bin with cutters and a ruler. I was ready................

I had to re-stitch about 40 of the half square triangles because the ends of the seams came un-stitched when I was tearing away the papers. Aggggghhhhh! And I was careful!

Restitched and pressed, doing it once is great, doing it the second time, not so much.
   I did the re-sew on Destiny, used the laser beam to stay on track and the automatic cutter, of course. Well, here is a little irky point with me. When the cutter cuts, the thread tail stays down in the feed bed and it is snug there. So, if you are feeding a little corner of fabric into the thread path that resistant thread hangs in there and it is very difficult to get a nice first stitch on the little triangle end.
I take a stiletto and sweep it over the thread tail to bring it up, between every triangle, mmmmm. This is the only time I use a metal stiletto, if I need to use one I prefer a bamboo skewer because if I hit it while sewing it will shatter and hopefully not damage the machine. We all know what would happen if it hit that metal post! *The stiletto was a gift received at a recent quilt show included with the price of admission. What a lovely idea.
I call her Sapphire because the beads are so pretty. You might hear me calling out for her, I keep losing her in the debris around the machine when I work. I need a little hook or something.
Playing with the block layout. FYI, this is option #1.
  • I am not sure I like this fabric. I know. I know. But I will finish it it might just be frustration talking.
  • It is impossible to chain stitch the units and back stitch at the beginning and end of each block.  I need to think on that a bit.
  • I actually had 2 hours and 15 minutes to work in the studio today! Amazing.

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