Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Service Quilts, A Comfort Kitty Quilt

As quilters we gather fabric. (notice I did not say hoard or stash or any of the descriptive words that seem to be taking on a negative connotation in the quilt world.) Betty Jane, from the Ladies of the Cloth group is no exception. This not quite finished piece that will be one of her service projects to our Guild in October, is an example of using what you have. 
These sweet little kitty panels have been bordered and joined to make an adorable cuddle quilt. The sashing is a hounds tooth fabric left over from another project.

Betty Jane is an expert at designing disparate pieces into one cohesive quilt. The backing fabric is from the 1980's that was originally to be a dress for a Grandaughter.

I know that some sweet person will fall in love with this special quilt.

Sharing projects like this do several things:
  • provide a special gift to a person in need, be that illness or comfort in a shelter
  • provides the maker with a great sense of kindness knowing that her work and her gift will be so appreciated
  • helps that quilter use good fabric for a worthy cause
  • provides the quilter with the opportunity to flex her design muscles
  • blesses those who share the stories associated with the fabric an insight into each others worlds
  • as we all remembered fabric from an earlier quilting generation (we were in the 1980's that day) a sense of community restores our creative souls 

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Jeanneke said...

Such beautiful quilts! Isn't it funny that in The Netherlands a houndstooth pattern is called in French 'pied de poule', which literally means chicken's foot.
Hope you are well dear friend.
Blessings and love,


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