Thursday, May 11, 2017

Do You Carry Your Work With You?

I am always amazed at the genius ideas of quilters/sewists/knitters etc. In my Tuesday Quilting Group, The Ladies of the Cloth, projects large and small are toted here and there and sustain us during Dr. visits, school events or even waiting in traffic. Someone I know started knitting a new scarf for Fall from a lovely thick and thin yarn while stalled in Parkway traffic on Sunday. She was able to complete about 2 feet of the scarf in 47 minutes. If she had not toted the yarn and needles that would have been wasted time!

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When I saw this carry all I was duly impressed. This quilter is working on a collection of hexi's, just look at how organized she is!

While I didn't photograph the carry-all's used by the Ladies of the Cloth this week, I did manage to get some shots of their projects.

Rose crocheted this little case, perfect for those eyeglasses.
Just look at the cute little heart closure.
Betty Jane was cleaning up some scraps this week and look what happened! Nothing needs to go to waste. In addition she found 1000 5 inch squares in blues. Wonder what will happen to that?
I am pretty sure these are 2 1/2 inch strips, cut down to manageable size and grouped into color families. Too cute.
  • more to share in the next post
  • have you cleaned out recently? do you precut your scraps for use in later projects?
  • what would you do with 1000 5 inch squares?😍

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ELMO said...

That suitcase is so inspiring ;)

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