Saturday, May 6, 2017

Derby Day Darlings

Churchill Downs, it's really muddy today. I don't like a muddy track. In all my days since I can remember I have not missed a Derby Day. I grew up on horseback and I have to say it was a wonderful way to learn the ways of life. We used to get up in the middle of the night, ride the horses out into some high field to watch the sun come up. A particular friend and I would ride all day, we would take a little something to eat or one of the neighbors would feed us but the horse was the reason for the day at that time.

We rode horses that belonged to her, to friends, to neighbors who didn't have time or the inclination to ride. Horses need exercise. We did oblige, and clean up after them. It was good.
Never been to Churchill Downs, it is on my bucket list though. Even if not for a Derby Day, just for a visit would be great.  My mint julep is a nice hot cup of tea, it is cold here. My hat is in it's box, it is really cute.

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