Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Patches, I Need More Practice

Do you remember my angst about the disruption in Sewtopia, the exposed wiring? Here is just one little shot....right as you walk in the door, how rude!

A few weeks ago stitching friend Terri, asked for "something" to be added to her little bag, the one she has been using to carry her delicate knitted scarf. I was all for that because I am experimenting, learning and trying out some of the many advanced functions on the Baby Lock Destiny.

I tried to fit the bag into the embroidery arm to work directly on the purse, couldn't make it work, too small. 

So, I made a patch with her name. No big deal right? Good grief I fussed and read, watched video's and practiced. I had little floral things, a beautiful script monogram and ended up with a name tag. How original is that? I used a foam interfacing that has a fusible on both sides. I fused a piece of neutral fabric to fit in my smallest hoop. I broke the hoop. The stuff was too thick.....eek! 

 I mapped it out in IQ, moved to a larger hoop. Designed it to keep the lettering green and the outline in the golden thread. Look closely sewing monitors, do you see what happened?

 Backwards my dears, I embroidered the darn thing backwards from my original plan. Not that it doesn't work but with the light background fabric a lighter thread color would have blended better and not have off white pokey threads on the edge. Know what I mean? Enter the pigma pen, don't tell Terri.

So, that is what I was doing the other day. Words were said. In frustration I turned around in my wheeled office chair that I used. Turned a little too fast, broke the bolts right off the seat and nearly killed myself wedged between three machines and a dog. But that's a story for another day.

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ELMO said...

If it's any consolation I put my back out putting a glass in the dishwasher.

Finished! Fini! Afgewerkt! Finito!

not the best photo, sorry, will take another soon! Today, bird is the word. Good Morning Stitching Friends, do you like my attempt at ...