Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ode to Diane

Her favorite color.

Some days, the best you can do is to simply hold yourself together. And that's enough.

I saw this quote on Bonnie Hunter's blog the other day, it's timing was perfect. I had just spent the morning at church breading 400 lbs of fish for the St. Michael's fish fry that afternoon. This is our major fund raiser for the year and we do well in a community that has many fish fries during lent. Interestingly, our normally ebullient group was more quiet, we were all tired and quite frankly glad that only one more week would we have to continue the process. We have had the same group of people working the kitchen for several years and we are all friends. 

Life had taken a sad turn in Sewtopia and the comfort of regular routines and the company of friends helped to insulate me from reality. And there lies the connection to Bonnie's quote. Isn't it interesting how these things happen, is it coincidence or connection? I have no idea. 

My Dear Friend had one wish at the end, to go home, and home she was.  
Take Me Home-John Denver 


Jeanneke said...

Coincidence has to do with and is experienced at moments, but connection is always there, shared and felt, deeply, no matter the moment or the frequency, I think. Hope I expressed clearly and understandable.
Sending love, blessings and a big hug to you, dear friend.

Deborah Botham said...

I am so sorry for your loss. But this time of the year is one of hope, and your dear friend had her hope in the right place. Prayers for you and her family.

celkalee said...

Thank you Jeanneke and Deborah for your kind words. She is the fourth friend I have lost this year to cancer. Such a horrid disease. We were close for 30 years, many great memories.

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