Tuesday, April 4, 2017

No Sew For Days

Spring Cleaning here. That means a re-do of the big mantel and a re-arrange of the pottery collection to make room for the bunnies. These are my high-shoulder jugs. My favorite style. I search them out in present day potteries, antique stores and flea markets. If you know pottery you will also know just how valuable the antique ones really are. I have passed on two in the last year that were the price of a new car so you know what I mean. The front two in this photo are from a Pennsylvania pottery Eldreth . The large one in back is from a Pittsburgh potter.
Aren't they sweet. Discussing this style with  a dealer recently reminded me that this style was a utilitarian piece in history. Few survived daily use and that is the reason why those that have survived are so pricey.

So here is the part where I complain, feel free to exit if you aren't in the mood for negative!
  •  I started working on the Paris panel wall hanging the other day. Then a crew of work men invaded to do some wiring and I was unceremoniously removed. I am still stewing. One in particular was very careless, knocked bins of pre-cut blocks on to the floor, walked all over them. Books off shelves, old wires hanging from the ceiling, dust and dirt everywhere and here is the kicker......he ran the wires on the front of the walls, did not pull them through the already there conduits! I have big black cable wires up and down the walls. Husband told him that was OK. Husband is in a world of........trouble!
  • Ask me if I want to deal with that this week!
  • The neighbors house burnt down on Sunday, one of the most sad sights I have ever seen. His father built that house, piece by piece, in his spare time.
  •  The new wiring did NOT fix the problem. They are coming back, this will be the fourth time. Hold me down.
  • I have to pick up and sweep up all sorts of debris from the fire that drifted over here in the wind. So sad.
  • What's up with all the dust this year? I think that since we had little precipitation during Winter there is more dust. Is that possible? I clean and the next day, I can't tell. On dark furniture it looks like snow! 
  • My MIL complains that our dog, who has been gone for more than two years, is the one making the coffee spill messes all over her house.
  • Attempted break in at her house a couple nights ago, at 12:36 am. No evidence of tampering. The alarm people are on their way now, seems we may need to do some re-wiring over there. 
  • See what I mean? 
  • Now I hear some entity grinding up things near my driveway, listen to me, they better have a permit or heads are going to Roll!

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