Thursday, March 9, 2017

Working the Anita Goodesigns "Fancy Feathers"

When you open the project files on the Fancy Feathers CD you are blessed with very detailed instructions on how to make the in the hoop design project. This one featured a bolster pillow in the design groups famous assembly method.
These designs require the user to transfer the files from the CD to a USB stick. Every known machine is provided for on the CD, you choose your machine from the list. My new computer has a port that provides a high speed transfer to USB. It took about 30 seconds for me to move the files with the click of a button. Love that.

The page above is titled from the Project file. I don't bother to download or print the file, I just keep my computer beside me while I work and read as I go. Many of the processes for this design group are pretty much the same. Once you understand their process it is mostly repetitive.

 The back of the CD package illustrates all the feather designs available. Now, who doesn't love a Feather????
My plan is to make a bolster pillow as well. The instructions tell you to hoop a no show stabilizer, I also used a muslin backing for stability. I find that pillows need an extra layer to maintain their shape and form.
I started using the magnetic hoop but didn't care for it, I switched to the 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 traditional hoop.
My first block before the feathers are embroidered.The process is basically a stitch and flip.First the machine bastes the marking lines on the stabilizer, then bastes the shape of the block on the stabilizer. As each row enfolds, it is mapped out in basting and marking stitches so that you know where to place the fabric strips.

The instructions. I followed the A block. Since the designs are available on the CD in four sizes you can vary the look or mix and match block sizes to individualize your project.

Feathers are stitched in a light green rayon thread, the stitching itself is heavy somewhat like a triple stitch.
Block #2, stitched and feathered. #3 is stitching as we speak. More to come!
  • Each block requires about 30 minutes to stitch out.
  • I used left over 2 1/2 Jelly Roll strips.
  • The muslin I used for backing has been around for years and years. I originally cut 16 inch squares for a block of the month crazy quilt class that went kaput. It never went past the second class but I saved the squares and cut them down for this project.
  • The batting is all left over warm and natural, finally found a good use for these scraps!  
  • Best part of all this....I kept the quilt I made from this fabric. I thought I had gifted it but no, still have it! What luck:)

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