Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The St. Patrick's Day Tea

A more formal setting this month, the Antique Sheffield Tea Pot. This is the hot water pot. It's classic lines always remind me of the teas it has likely seen. Unfortunately, the inside of the pot is not looking so good, I am not sure if it has always been this way or not. At first I though it was copper but I am not sure anymore. I may have the set re-plated in the future and until then it will be decorative rather than functional. The trays have been collected over time. Don't even remember where!
It is time for a Tea Time Tuesday post, I think, and the theme today is St. Patrick's Day. Irish heritage is part of my history but there were never any big celebrations growing up. It was just another day. In America the holiday is celebrated very differently than in Ireland I suppose.

The Celtic design I made a few weeks ago on the Destiny. A Tea towel for the season! The sweet little cup with Shamrocks is a favorite, actually a gift from my Mother many years ago. She who did not celebrate St. Patrick or his snakes.
The conflict in the family derives from a historical feud. Mother's Mother's side of the family was hard core Irish Catholic. Mother's Father's side of the family was hard core North Ireland Scotch-Irish Protestant. That left us all in the middle. A sad state of affairs that divided the family and left us in a heritage gap. None the less, I look about as Irish as you can get on one hand, black hair, fair complexion with freckles and my sister with a more Auburn coloring.  Since we were both born 4th generation American I feel it is mostly not relevant. We never knew one side of our family, for me that is tragic.
Hand Painted Shamrocks on translucent porcelain with gold accents.
The Hallmark.
 The Jadite Smith Glass chicken is out for the celebration as well. Now, to find a porcelain pot suitable for the occasion and pour a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea.


ELMO said...

Love the knot, whose design is that?

celkalee said...

Came as a built in on the Destiny 2.

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