Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quilted Panel, Paris-In Progress

Remember this panel? I showed it in January but haven't gotten around to working on it until this week. I debated about the quilting pattern to use and eventually decided on a programmed Feather design by Anita GoodDesigns.  I sandwiched the panel with some left over backing from another project and some pieced scraps of warm and natural batting.
Using the largest hoop and no stabilizer was the way to go. Here you can see some basting lines as the blocks stitch out. 
I always appreciate the size of the computer screen on this machine. Here you can see that I imported the design twice, stacking one on top of the other so that I could stitch it out with one hooping.
The large hoop and 11 1/4 inch space between the needle and the machine arm make larger projects easier to manipulate.

This is the last row of quilted feathers on this panel. I made the quilting more dense at the top and the bottom of the panel to help it hang straight.
This is the design collection. A lovely selection of feathers, I have more projects in mind for this one. I have to fill in the spaces between the feather blocks and bind. I plan a free motion stipple and a black double fold binding.  The thread I am using is gold colored, non metallic. Hope to wrap this up in a few days.

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