Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pincushion, Pincushion Where Are My Pins?

Scanning Pinterest is dangerous I think, I keep finding more things I want to make, more projects added to the queue. The following tutorial explains the method used.  I was curious to find out just how the perfectly round shape was achieved.  So, get out that glue gun, gather your gimps and trims, maybe a pearl or two and have a go. Maybe a tray full like the designer did a few years ago. Canning Jar Lid Pincushion Tutorial. This is the link that gets you to the blog post:

canning jar pincushion instruction  I first saw this on Pinterest. The tutorial was written by a lady named Debbie Harris in her blog Autumn Aire. I was not able to find a way to email her and ask her permission to re-post since her last post was entered June 16, 2015. I hope she doesn't mind that I share this. The idea is really charming. Just click anywhere on this paragraph.

pinkeeps from old zinc lids:
A similar idea, a more primitive execution. This one shared on Star Spangled Pretties.
No link found for this one

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