Saturday, March 25, 2017

And She Found These Blocks

Isn't this a pretty little quilt?
Her name is Pat, she is one of the Ladies of the Cloth group that meets on Tuesdays. I have shown her work many times here and this is an example of how she can take a few left-over blocks, add some fabric and borders and a little quilt shows up! The blocks were beautifully set in this marbled fabric and it makes them just pop right off the fabric. Added sashing and border outlines the design and Pat is the master of the Big Stitch style of quilting. Again she has out done herself. Thanks for sharing Pat!

The first sign of Spring here, I know they are considered to be weeds but remembering my boys picking them in little bouquets for me recalls a sweeter time, a time when the world was full of hope and possibility. Time marches on but sometimes my brain backs it up, for just a little while. 

  • Speaking of time marching on, I have no idea where this week went. I have been busy making drop noodles for a banquet yesterday and breading 400 lbs of fish today for the church fish fry. I am rather tired to say the least, next week more Pierogi.
  • We are making some plans for the season in Mondo. I have to get the back-splash done in the kitchen and bathroom there. I want to finish some new pillows for the sofa and probably add a curtain to the large window in the bedroom. Right now all the blinds in the entire motor home are those heavy, pleated light blocking shades. They are totally functional but rather boring. I don't use the bedding that matches everything else that came with the motor home because it looks and feels like slippery plastic. I am planning a light colored coverlet of some sort and a quilt, or two at the foot of the king bed. Yes, this bus has a king bed. Works for me. 
  • We are adding a stabilizer to the frame of the chassis to reduce the sway that we encounter on the highway. Because the unit is so high, over 12 feet, the draft makes steering difficult at times. This stabilizer is also supposed to reduce the risk of roll over in a blow out. Makes you want to drive this thing in narrow lanes in a construction zone, doesn't it. Husband insists I will drive it this year. Husband might be wrong.   
  • I will be working on an embroidery project with a friend. Long distance. She lives in Florida. This should be fun!
  • Still waiting for the cabinet I ordered for a sewing machine to keep in my family room. I mentioned before that I want a sewing machine upstairs so that I can do some work in the evenings and while cooking etc. The reason? Miss Lucy (the sweet Black Lab who runs this house) is increasingly limited in how many times she can climb steps. Even with her arthritis medication she is struggling. She cannot bear for me to be out of sight so I will rearrange the house and the sewing set up so that we can both have what we need.  There was a glitch in the order, supposed to arrive next week. In the meantime, Spring cleaning in this room is on hold. Now, there's a heart breaker for ya!

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