Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Thimble, The Thimble, One of the Great Tragedies of our Time!

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Oh My! What has become of our culture when Hasbro has removed the THIMBLE from our monopoly game? It's old fashioned!!!! Since 1935 the THIMBLE has been an iconic game piece for me and for many of my game playing friends.
This is where she lives.

I understand. There was apparently voting involved, I wish I had known. I am going to make a hat that looks like a thimble, and stick it on my head. You know, wear it around look like an idiot. Or not.
Inside I have a black thread, a white thread, a little pair of scissors, and of course, the thimble in her burgundy organdy drawstring pouch. She is a custom, hand made, sterling silver thimble. She is very special to me.
To be honest, I have about 20 thimbles. Leather to silicone, pewter to hard plastic, all ill-fitting.

We have stitched many bindings together and mended many buttons etc. Today we are going to repair the binding on this quilt. It seems the stitching is coming up here.This is one of those lap-cuddle quilts that gets used and tossed and washed and dried. Over and over. That is their purpose in life. Like the thimble, it has a function even now in modern life. No matter what the twits and Hasbro say!

Long live the Thimble.

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