Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Ladies of the Cloth

Our own Terri is an expert knitter. I am amazed since I am a lousy one. This little hat is stunning, note the knit-in braid. I think it is called a "Scandinavian Braid."

Just look at the amazing detail!!!

There is still lots of quilting going on here too. Kay had these sweet little scraps that she joined to create this baby quilt. The bonus here is that our Terri, of the hat above fame, is learning to quilt on her new Baby Lock Coronet. She volunteered to quilt this for Kay. Her work is already so good, it sure does not look like beginner work to me.

Aren't these blocks cute?

More free motion quilting.

Another find in her stash, Kay added this sweet little backing!  
  • I was finally able to break away from the day-to-day business to get back to my group. It was so good to see everyone again.
  • Looking around our table I see friends, talent, skill and smiles. A good thing.
  • Having a fabric stash is a good thing. I know there might be 3 people that I have heard about who only buy what they need for a specific project and there are the rest of us. We will plan an intervention for them.
  • Recent Facebook postings have highlighted stunning sewing studio's. I am not an envious person by nature so why am I so interested in these? Well, it tells me that I have some major work to do in my own space. I have gotten a bit lazy I think, so involved in the projects that the organization has gone off the rails. I spend more time searching the stash of fabric, patterns, embroidery discs, Accuquilt dies etc. I see beautiful spaces in large rooms and small, attic spaces and even storage sheds. My room is 14 x 18 with a full bathroom and a six foot walk in closet. Well, to be truthful there ain't no walking in that one. It is over flowing.
  •  I will do more research, probably move some furniture around to be more productive, or, maybe just dust and vacuum up the thread and fabric scraps!

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