Friday, February 17, 2017

The "Ladies" Have a Valentine Party

My contribution for the swap.
Several weeks ago we considered a way to lift the mid-Winter doldrums and came up with a swap party for Valentine's Day. Since we meet on Tuesdays and the holiday fell on Tuesday this year our ducks lined up in a nice little row. Despite some of our members being ill and others being in the "snowbird" category, we had our lovely core group and quite a few giggles.

Normally we work on our own projects during our gathering time and occasionally we work on our service projects. Mary Jane read a letter forwarded to her from a base group for whom we contribute our sewing skills. It seems that some grateful ladies in Kenya received our gifts and they were most appreciated. It is wonderful to hear from these people half way across the world.

Here is one of those under-my-needle shots. I couldn't share it until the gift was gifted :) I programmed the heart from one of the Destiny menu's and used the built in scripts, positioned it as I wished and stitched it out on a cotton/linen blend towel using one sheet of a lightweight tear away stabilizer.
Our Dear Kay was the recipient of the towel.
We drew numbers to set up the sequence to choose the gifts that were stacked in the middle of our table. We took turns around the group. Mug rugs were popular as were genius little microwave bowl holders. Rose carved a sweet little trinket box and Barb made a stunning star ornament made from Valentine theme fabric.
Rose chooses little mug rugs with sweet little beads on the bindings.
Barb has a sweet little mug rug and mug!

Pat choose the star ornament. That's Linda at the far end of the table, she choose a sweet little Spring theme towel for her kitchen.

Pat unwrapping the star ornament so carefully packaged.

That's Terri there in the middle, she chose a sweet little Winter themed bread pan filled with a yummie looking quick bread. At the end of the table is Karen, I think she ended up with the little carved box. I got to pick one of those cute little microwave bowl covers.
 I made little crochet teacup favors and put a few little heart shaped chocolates for each member.

 Of course some treats were required, Kay made sweet little cupcakes and Karen brought us some wonderful peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies.

  • Conclusion for the day.
  • Even a Hallmark Holiday can enrich the Sewist. 
  • You know how strongly I feel about creative groups. No matter what the focus, no matter what this history of the participants, we can all learn from each other. 
  • If there is no such thing in your area, make your own. Advertise in your church or library, talk to ladies at the bus stop with their children. No matter where you come into contact with other enthusiasts (such as a quilt shop) recruit those who may be interested and contribute their talents. I know for a fact.....this is a good thing:)

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