Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine, Redwork

A Valentine Tuesday. Always a fan of Redwork, by hand and by machine, there is something about the color that has charmed me for many years. I inherited this passion from my Mother who carpeted our entire main floor rooms in a deep, sculpted red carpet, I think it may have been imprinted at an early age. Redwork by hand is one of those Zen like behaviors for me. By machine, well, you can go wild, absolutely wild.

The teapot was a Bridal Shower game gift. It is a happy little one-cupper.  The "Market Day" hand worked Redwork tea towel is a gift from a dear friend in the UK. The script sewn "Valentine"  tea towel was sewn on my machine. Simple decorative stitching and programmed script stitched in a red rayon thread decorate the simple linen tea towel on the right.

After being together for 52 Valentine's Days, Mr. Sewtopia knows where my favorite types of gifts can be found. Not diamonds, not candy, not flowers in February.....pottery. I know, did I say pottery? I did. Enter a day trip to the Pittsburgh Strip and Penn Ave. Pottery.

I was fortunate to meet the artist, he was working in the back room at the time. I have misplaced his card but I will update when I find it. A tall and friendly man, he takes great pride in his innovative style. A beautiful piece added to the collection. I saw so many stunning pieces that day, beautiful iridescent colors in teals and purple by a different artist as well as traditional colors that I lean to.  I keep my collection to the traditional blues, browns and mustard colors. I have a small collection of cranberry reds as well from Westerwald in Scenery Hill, Pa.

Since I could not narrow my decision to one piece a couple others came home as well. Now, Easter and Birthday gifts are covered as well. Insert smile here.

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