Friday, December 30, 2016

Well, That's a Wrap

2016 that is. Admittedly, I will say that we have a had couple of really difficult years, rotten if truth be told. More losses that I can bear to recall at this point but I am hopeful that 2017 will open a new perspective on these and what is to come. I have read several very well written posts about accomplishments from 2016 and grand plans for 2017. Quite frankly, I am glad that anything was finished considering my extreme time and energy limitations and hope that 2017 will at least be a bit better. Notice how I am adjusting expectations as I write this :) My slogan for the new year is a bit self centered I think but I also know that without that goal, not much else will be accomplished. My slogan is Finding Me.
In the Studio: I have so many UFO's that need to be completed or passed on. I will make a list this weekend, prioritize and stick to my work schedule. I have essentially taken the week between Christmas and New Year as a vacation week to think, plan and ponder. I want rearrange some things to decrease the visual clutter. I have a hard time working in clutter. I have some ideas, lots of sorting out will be required. It will be a difficult time, tossing memories, letting go of the past.
the post-Christmas bedlam! Yikes!

In the Garden: Planning the Spring work always lifts the spirits. I am planning to expand the herb garden just a bit. I am so enjoying the bounty from last Summer, as are those I gifted. It is truly one of the better times of my life.  Because we have extensive damage from the resident deer herd some major changes will be required all around the house. The little buggers have wrecked havoc in every garden bed, every tree, every shrub. I cannot let anyone cull them willingly but it is not always up to me. My favorite girl, Sadie, is still with us. Abandoned and shunned by the herd shortly after birth three years ago, she has stayed closed to the house and horse barn for her safety. This year she had twins, Sally and Sunny. I tell them apart because Sunny has a white sunburst spot on her chest. They stay close as well but I will need to apply some repellent on the raised garden beds. Sally has developed a taste for thyme and parsley. Mmmmmmm.

In Mondo: Last season we were hog-tied (literally) at home as a result of several family circumstances. Three days, three days only were spent in Mondo traveling in the entire season.The motor home is a second home. That is a lot of wasted time and a huge investment sitting idle. It is complicated,  but Hell or high water I am out of here, flying down some interstate, with or without the complications. I have waited years to do this and with my health situation I may not have years to live the life I planned. So, look out people, I am on a mission for 2017. By the way, a sewing machine will come with me.
with my sweetie and my Lucy!

Friends and Family: Have you seen the movie Meet the Fockers? Robert DeNiro clearly defined my new thought structure when it comes to relationships. You have an inner circle. Here are those closest to you and each circle there after is designated for family and friends who contribute to your life. I am blessed to have many good relationships but a couple people have moved to the outer circles this year. True colors have been exposed, truths have been revealed, distress has been defined. That is all I have to say.

This has been a very productive week, planning wise. I have decided to limit my many social interactions to those that make me happy and support my beliefs. I need to use my time and energy wisely. We will see how long that lasts. ((((insert smile here)))

I am really looking forward to finding the Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, in orange...somewhere. I was absolutely enchanted with these flowers when I saw them. I actually went back through the conservatory to study them again. It was a bit of a hike I must say but worth it. 

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