Sunday, December 11, 2016

Paris in the Snow

A week or so ago I read a blog post by a person who exclaimed that she had finally visited Paris. Since she considers herself an experienced world traveler and a generally brilliant person, she was astounded to think that others would be so fond of this city. Really? What's up with that?

I am not sure why it irked me so much but it did. I have mostly stopped reading her musings because her sanctimonious wailing is getting more and more tedious. If I do that here someone please, please, please tell me. (I might already be doing it since I have become rather cranky and I am not sure why)

OK. Now onto more interesting things.  
check out this great little clip from Vintage Budweiser! Dear Lord I love those horses!!!  

1 comment:

Jeanneke said...

Like Budweiser, I wish you the best of everything, this Holiday Season, my dear friend!
Love and blessings from my heart and home in my tiny town in The Netherlands,


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