Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Penguin Made of Flower Petals-Phipps Conservatory

Isn't he cute!  
Wow, life can be complicated, can't it? Between the Christmas rush, ill family members and cold weather I am sort of cranky...still. It is a difficult time of year for me under any circumstance but I would really be happy if the misery moments would go their merry way!

I spent hours studying orchids the other day. There is something magical about an orchid, their delicate beauty is balanced by their ability to grow in thin air. I have had several. Killed them all. I follow all the rules etc. I have one hanging in there, no flowers, just some pathetic leaves hoping that I gift it to someone who has a clue.

So, here is a little orchid show. I have about 100 pictures, these are just samples.

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