Sunday, November 13, 2016

Basketweave Crochet, Colorplay and Sheep

beauty-rendezvous: “  Swaledale Sheep - Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK ”
beyond sweet
This wool came from Peru and I would like to think it came from a cute little girl like this. I have been puttering around with different patterns for this Winters wooly blanket. I finally decided to return to an old favorite. A simple crochet basket weave. Why? Mindless darlings, I am looking for a mindless project that I can work on while numbly watching how tin cans are made or what happened this week during a war, any war. I share the main TV with the man of the house, near the wood burning fireplace, that is where we end up. I think we have seen every episode of "Pickers" so that's out.
 Chosen from this wall of stunning Cascade yarn, my wool yarns make me happy. (unless I start to itch then it goes to a donation entity)

Here is the original pattern. Circa 2000 by Leisure Arts. Probably not available anymore but I would bet there are similar ones out there. It is a simple double crochet in front post for 14 stitches and in back post for 14 stitches, for 10 rows each I think.

I plan to just keep the pattern going as the colors morph from dark purples to light gray. Not sure how the end product will play but that is the plan.

It will be twice the size of the original. Approximate measurement will be 65 inches by 95 inches. About.  316 stitches in all and however long until I run out of this yarn.

I cast on with a K hook and work the pattern with a J hook.

 I have several Christmas cactus. The oldest plant is about 60 years old, it usually blooms in January or February. Another one is cuttings tucked into another plant that is just sprouting cuttings, it has not bloomed yet. This is year one for it. Now this little sweetie was procured from the local super market.  By the time I got it home on a very cold day it lost all its blooms by day two, that was two years ago. Last year it looked like this. The is the first bloomer. I am very pleased.

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