Thursday, October 13, 2016

Transitions in Seasonal Life

Chaos, I live in chaos. A few hours of peace, nothing grand, would be so welcome. A private tea party, close and trusted friends. No drama, no nonsense, adult behavior.
My Fall dishes, so fond of botanical prints I am. On the menu is a colorful salad, an asparagus quiche and some little tea cakes. Good conversation. We are planning our next project. Something with a holiday theme I think.

 I met a lady yesterday making the most glorious and colorful little bags from those endless plastic bags we get from the supermarket etc. She was working on one in the waiting room of a car dealership where we happen to strike up a conversation.  She gathers them, her friends gather them and anybody who wants to share them provides her with her "fabric!" The pattern was hers....a simple single crochet, shaped into a large rectangle, and a handle woven into the top two rounds. She also makes little rugs. She flattens the bags, cuts them in two inch strips and works them one at a time, then she secures the next loop with a simple slip knot. They are so darn cute. The conversation flowed where she described the recent passing of her husband, the lives of her children, her 5 dear grandchildren all under age 7. Each one has one of these little bags to carry their treasures. The gift of this conversation was that she lives 1 minute from me. I have a new friend.
Life is like a steep flight of steps. Getting from here to there, one step at a time. Sometimes a difficult journey. Accepting changes but remaining hopeful Moving on.


Beatrice Wins said...

you do a great job of attacking and supporting those who need a friend/group. Keep up the good work amid the chaos you describe as your life.

celkalee said...

Beatrice told me that "attacking" was supposed to read "Attracting." I was a little nervous there, a quilter on the attack just doesn't sit well with me. :) :) :)

ELMO said...

Your house must be the most seasonally accurate house in the country.

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