Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Moment of Melancholia

If you are local, you understand my feeling. In an attempt to consider Christmas shopping, I started to think about how things have changed around here. These iconic department stores have gone the way of so many. Replaced by Walmarts with shoppers in pyjamas and lots of exposed skin and discount stores offering poorly made clothing from cheap fabrics that disintegrate after two washes, the department store is a thing of the past. On my wish list of likely unattainable goals in this lifetime, the return of the real department store is high up. Yes it is.  Photo number one is from an exhibit at Phipps Conservatory. Three Rivers Stadium was one of those giant multi-use stadiums built in the 1070's. It is a new model train installation. Adorable!

So now what? This is what brings out the "maker" in the Sewist. Get to work woman, get to work!
  • At the Baby Lock Destiny Facebook group there is a video on how to make a pair of gloves, on the Destiny, using the scan feature. I know....what's next....?
  • The proliferation of Mug Rugs for the holidays is a great way to share a little gift without breaking the bank.
  • Soon those air inflated figures will grace our neighborhood. When they first became popular a couple years ago I thought someone had dumped garbage on the lawns! The were un-inflated at the time. I don't keep up with trends if you haven't already noticed. 
  • The sort of vintage dressing trend is alive and well among Sewists and bloggers world wide. If you question this just visit Gertie and other young women to see what lovely items they make. Please excuse the tatoo's etc. These are not your mama's makers.  *****blogger no longer supports these links so you will need to copy and paste to your browser!
  • Sad news in blogland. Dear Kaaren Johnston (Canada) who has blogged for many years under the header The Painted Quilt, is signing off. She has battled multiple health issues in the last few years and her sewing time is now very limited. Thank you Kaaren, you will be missed          .

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