Monday, September 19, 2016

The Late Summer Garden

One of my embroidered tea towels. This pattern is a built-in one from the  Baby Lock Destiny library. And yes, I use them. I use everything. I may not be here tomorrow and they will all end up in some flea market!
Breakfast on the porch. A beautiful day requires a few moments of peace and quiet while enjoying the wildlife. Not much of a breakfast person, I baked up a croissant to have with my coffee. These are frozen, Williams Sonoma, worth every penny, so you know. Great to have on hand for tea and for impromptu tea parties.

Today, a quick view of what is left of my flower garden. Well, out of three only one has not been decimated by the deer, more or less. Next year, I have big changes coming. Something has to be done when all the other traditional deterrents are in vain.

I popped this little mini-rose into this bed to protect it. The deer have totally destroyed my roses, the tea roses, the hardy floribunda as well as the polyanthus.
  • As Summer wanes I have some mixed feelings. While the heat has been oppressive, I will miss the green, the abundant herbs, and the way the light filters through the lace curtains.  
  • I am working on several things at one time but it seems not much is finished. When I am closer to finished I will share.
  • I have one very special project that is now first on my list. A memorial quilt for a mourning Mother. I have to admit that I cried when I opened the box containing all the little t-shirts this little baby wore. This is going to be difficult. I will probably not share that one. Have to think about it. 
 My man, Gerrry Butler, Your Precious Love, 1958.
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