Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The State of the Studio Address

See that large space in front of the chair, it is clean, waiting for a new occupant. It will never look this way again. All the templates are strung on a metal ring and hung right above small spinning cutting mats. They were here and there. I need to be able to see my rulers, templates etc. The Ovation is covered here, when dusting and vacuuming I want to limit the amount of lint floating around and getting caught up in the tension discs. 

Hello there Sewtopians. July has gone off somewhere and now we are in the wrap up month of August. Summer is streaking along, I am pottering along. Sorry about my infrequent postings. Life is totally bonkers here most of the time and I do what I can.
More of these little stacking drawers are tucked in where storage is needed. This one holds more tools, bobbins, an assortment of pins and needles, delicate electronic embroidery feet and walking feet.

 The trusty Ott light a good substitute for sunlight in this windowless room. The stacks of organizing drawers on the left hold everything from tools, glues, embroidery thread and extra fancy feet for the machines.
When I look at the photo's I see endless clutter but trust me, I have a system. On the far left the larger black storage box is all sewing machine needles, specialty scissors, hand sewing needles, threaders. On top of that is a cutlery organizer that I use to hold scissors, turning tools, and the like. On the far left, the little three drawer box holds odd sizes of fabric squares. I use these for beginners (leaders) on fabrics that need to be sewn on the very edge. Always at hand. The blue sided box is a button keeper. Now the large cases atop the chest are project boxes. These beauties hold projects in planning, in progress and lovely fabrics which have no plan yet but are in the queue to get used.  Magazine holders, and extra serger, file racks with patterns, and iron and misc. 
July is always a month to take inventory in the studio, clear out projects that are never going to get done and do a nice little clean up. As in the January clean I didn't do the book case. I don't know what it is about that project but I can only part with little bits. Do you have a passion for books and the  memories attached to darn things? I spent years and years curating the perfect sewing library and I am loathe to part with it now. I do need to find a way to make it look better but the project eludes me right now. I am leaning toward a nice little flannel drape that can double as a design wall.
Mr. thinks I may have Too Much Stuff! The nerve of him, what cheek!!! as my friends from the UK remark! This room measures about 14 ft x 24 ft. I have shown just one corner today. That is the one that has been cleaned and reorganized. The rest for another time.

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