Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Mixed Fabric Quilt, Wool and Cotton

You know I have a "thing" for sheep. Their dignity and nature (not always so sweet) reminds me of their contribution to our lives. I wanted to share Linda's  (from The Ladies of the Cloth group) project shared recently. I have posted a few in-progress photo's but the layout is now complete and the wool applique is absolutely beautiful.

This little quilt is not just sweet, it is beautifully executed. Linda's hand applique skills are superb. The birds and floral designs have that elegant "colonial" look to me. Her sashing and border fabric compliments the blocks so well by providing a neutral background but still anchors the blocks.

  • I haven't done any wool applique for a while, I need to re-visit that!
  • Working on projects that have been languishing in our project boxes can be so heart warming. Like visiting old friends, finishing them is the right thing to do. My theory is that if it has been sitting for more than a year or two, I am not going to finish it and I need to pass it on to someone who will. 
  • It is time to consider Fall decor. I have a bit. My favorite season and Mr.'s favorite holiday (Halloween) are coming up. He has chosen some new quilted projects for me to complete. Even as an adult, his enthusiasm for the day has not waned. As a child it was such a high point. I will need to make him a new Trick or Treat bag, one for fruit, yogurt and water.  


ELMO said...

Lovely, how do you wash the quilt once completed? I have a few wool pieces would love to use them like this

celkalee said...

I'm not really sure. I will ask Linda. The 100% wool pieces I use are gentle hand soak, roll in towel and air dry after blocking. I have never made a quilt like this.

celkalee said...

From Linda, the maker:
I's going to be a wall quilt. I'm not planning to wash it. If it really needs it, I'll just lay it flat in the bathtub, cold water, mild soap. Take it out, drain the water. Rinse flat. Then roll in towels and lay flat to dry on a rack. The wool was washed, so hopefully it won't bleed. Most likely, I won't wash it though. Thank you and everyone that liked it.

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ELMO said...

Thank you! It's really beautiful.

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