Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sweetness Alert, Miniatures and Vintage All In One Quilt

There are nostalgic times that can mark life events. For me, the Sunbonnet Sue pattern reminds me of a small quilt that was tucked away in an attic. Playing up there was the highlight of a visit to the Grandparents. They lived in a historic village, in a huge old house full of nooks and crannies. The bedrooms were actually rather stark in decor. A wooden or brass bed, dressed with a white chenille topper and a quilt at the bottom of the bed. One dresser, with a lace or crochet scarf and one table with a lamp. That was it. The small quilt was likely used as a table topper at onetime. It had seen better days, thus relegated to the attic.  I have no idea what ever happened to it.

Just look at this one. Tiny little Sue's meticulously appliqued to a white square. White sashing is surrounded by tiny nine patch blocks. About 1 inch in size, these blocks are made from Vintage fabrics. Rose *from the Ladies of the Cloth group, thinks they are from the 40's and 50's maybe a few from the 60's. Some of the fabric was culled from unworn areas of clothing. Some her Mothers.

Rose is quilting this now, by hand. The binding will be next. So sweet, So happy, So Rose!


ELMO said...

So cute, I love the soft vintage prints and colors.

celkalee said...

I know, Rose has and is gifted all sorts of little left overs that she turns into masterpieces.

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