Sunday, July 24, 2016

Houses, Never Ending Projects

This post originated with a wall paper dilemma. I need to make some decisions and get to work on a small bathroom.  I have been scanning some saved decorator magazines for ideas. It was my intention to discard/donate some of this large collection to make some room on the book shelf. As I am sorting through, I came upon a cherished collection of Victorian Homes Magazine. Still available on Amazon.

The Sublett-Miller House. Click on the link below to see and follow this massive restoration project. I spent some time reading and marveling at the work involved. The economy of a small nation is likely less than the cost of this project!

The 'clear-out' came to a screeching halt as I poured over these copies from the 1990's when the style was gaining much popularity with restoration people. I had a phase. The Mr. and I actually almost bought a stunning money-pit in a nearby city with visions of reviving the past on our brains. This house was huge, like 8000 sq. feet with extensive gardens, gone shabby. It had a 3 bay carriage house with a full cottage atop. We looked at it several times. Then we regained our sanity. Good grief, we had a paid off house, one kiddo just finished college and getting married while another was entering University. What are we thinking???? I still think about that house. I have driven past it a few times to see what the current owners have done with it. 20 years later it is a work in progress. But you know what? If I win the lottery, that baby has my name all over it, just saying.

I didn't not discard the magazines. I dusted them, put them back in their little organizers, dusted the shelf and put them back. Mmmmm.......

This train of thought all started because I have a little half bathroom on the first floor, off the entry hall. When I say little, I mean little. Right now it still sports the Granny floral paper I put in there during the Victorian phase of my decorating. It is way past time for it to go but I am torn.
  • I very much dislike stripping wall paper!
  • wall paper is making a comeback, should I paint or paper? What style should I embrace?
  • Mr. is not keen on paper, he is not keen on disruption, he would paint everything white and call it a day.
  • I need to study a bit more.

The Danville Experience-visit the project, the Sublett-Miller House.
I re-ordered the Victorian Homes Magazine, I know, I know.
I have the urge to tour today, there is a little riverside village, about 50 miles away populated like a Hallmark Story Village. Painted Ladies and Victoriana galore. I'm on my way. No wall paper stripping today. Have fun.  

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