Friday, June 10, 2016

When Did You Laugh Last?

The detritus of trimming wool pennies.
 A reasonable question, yes? In our busy times I think we sometimes forget to laugh. Weighed down by the pressures of daily life we need to pause now and then. The left-overs of a stress filled day tend to overwhelm us. Laughter is a great stress reliever and has proven through study to be a healthy habit for all.

What brings the Sewist to this conversation? A few days ago I called a friend with a simple question and we ended up chatting like we did "in the old days." For two hours plus. The days before cancer and aging parents and grief were all consuming and always the topic of conversation. 
Where some see weeds, I see flowers.

The topic was a copper colored wig. My friend has been battling a cancer for two years and has done remarkably well dealing with everything involved in that. She went a little wild recently and departed from her normal hair/wig color and went Copper but was not entirely sure she would keep he wig. After all, it was a little wild. She kept the tag on the wig so she could return it if it didn't work out. To audition "Copper" she wore it to work, one thing led to another. An incident in a public place left her flustered and animated. All the while bystanders were oogling the lady with the Copper hair. One must remember that life threatening illness changes people, the social barriers change and sometimes one just lets loose, even in public. Incident resolved she returned to work, looked in the mirror and noted the tag of the wig hanging out on her neckline. Recounting this story we started to laugh at absurdity of the situation, the whole Minne Pearl reference. Serious laughing was involved. We decided at that time that Yes, cancer can be funny.
Back to work, lots going on in Sewtopia.

This thread started when I read a recent post by John Gray. If you are not familiar with the blog Going Gently, you might want to read about his story of When did you laugh last. Meet John Gray.

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