Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Stars and Stripes

Hello Terri's Father.
From Memorial Day until the 4th of July flags are everywhere in my area.  This particular section of Western Pa has one (if not the largest) selection of war veterans in the country. Pass any cemetery at this time of year and fields of flags wave in the breeze.  A standing testament to their sacrifice, these flags announce to the population that we still honor our veterans.
In her way our Terri (from the Ladies of the Cloth group) has made a sweet little flag quilt with her Father's photo transferred into the star field. What a lovely idea. This pattern using tumbler blocks has been made in many forms but I have not seen this particular idea put to cloth. I am impressed. Thanks for sharing Terri.

A few thing is know that I know:
  • I am not a sparkly girl, no feathers, no sequins, no flashy shoes that twinkle.
  • Self tanners are orange, no matter if they cost $8.99 or $60.00. Done them both and my Scotch-Irish skin looks like a smeary water color piece of art done by a 4 year old.
  • There is too much noise. If I am sitting across from someone in a restaurant and cannot hear a word said it is too noisy. Talking, laughing, talking on phones, televisions, dishes clanking, blathering on and on and on. Too much. 
  • There is a slang/swear word that is tossed around like nothing these days. To me, it clearly illustrates an uneducated, unsophisticated and moronic expression. Except when you hear it from a small child. Brings tears to my eyes that this child is repeating what he hears at home. Shame on those parents. Shame.   
  • In case you haven't noticed, I am cranky. It's the little things that drive me nuts!

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