Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Planning Ahead for Fall-Pennies From Heaven

These are my hand-cut pennies. The die-cut ones are nice, perfect actually, but I am really loving the irregularities on these. 
On a recent rainy housebound day I decided to cut some pennies. Since the needed rain was Heaven sent I decided that these wool pennies were as well. I know, bear with me, I'm reaching here!
Inspired by Rose Clay, of Three Sheep Studio, I set to work.  My felted wool stash was getting a bit low so I ordered some wool squares from Rose to make these little beauties. The fabric is as described, lovely colors, (I chose darker colors) several different patterns and textures were just what I needed.
Little Circle templates.

Rose uses coins and found objects as templates. For this first round of cutting I chose to use the acrylic template circles that I bought a couple years ago for a quilt project. I prefer my Karen Kay Buckley applique cutting scissors because they are very sharp, have large cushioned handles and the blade is about 4 inches. Easy to maneuver in close spaces. I also use binder clips to secure the fabric to the larger templates because the fabric moves around too much for me to handle.
When cutting tight circles or corners a good scissor is essential. The large handles work well for me these days because there is a little more room for arthritic fingers :)

I like to cut pennies en-masse so they are ready for the next project, much like quilt blocks made from left over fabrics. Having these little things already prepped lets me get to the fun stuff faster. The plan for these is still stirring around in my wee head but I want some new candle mats and table runners, in wool, for Fall, so I need to plan ahead. In addition, projects like this are perfect for television work, doctor office wait and traveling time.
A cookie tin works well for containing my project.

  • If July is the month for starting my Christmas projects I guess that makes June the "get ready for Fall month!"
  • A new table mat is in the works here. I am pattern searching. I want it simple, muted colors, a bit of texture. 
  • I have a new panel to share with you. Panels are popular again. The new generation of designers have the ability to translate their art work onto fabric with computer aids if they chose. The one I have is Fall themed and should be a fairly quick project for a wall hanging quilt. As soon as I fire up the camera I will share. All the quilt shops are getting their Fall/Christmas merchandise in right now. It is a good time to visit, support your local shop and get a jump on your Fall projects. 
  • I am two days behind in my nine patch project. We have been so darn busy, even 15 minutes is hard to find. That must stop, right?      

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