Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Pansies are in Full Bloom

Another beautiful quilt made by Linda Sue
The nine patch is an iconic addition to any quilt, check out the stars.
One of the happiest flowers in the garden (to Me) are Pansies. Their cute little faces smile at us as they search for the sun. Translated to fabric, how can they be anything but charming? Linda Sue, A friend from The Ladies of the Cloth quilting group, has pieced this lovely top. Always including her signature Pink/Purple/Purple-Pink color, this one reminds me of a quilt that would have graced my Grandmother's bed.  
  •  FYI- I am going to try to post twice a week from now. So many things going on including the care of a 93 year old MIL with Alzheimer's. We are trying very hard to keep her at home. It is complicated, but we are trying.
  • I finally upgraded to Windows 10. I hated 8, support for 7 is essentially gone so there was not much choice. First I could not access certain files, ones that are essential to this blog. After a few hours of fiddling around I think I have it. Don't ask me how I managed it because I just kept doing this and that until something worked.
  • Health care and accountability for providers in this country has me scratching my head. In two days, two totally separate doctors have cancelled important appointments. What? If I had cancelled a fine would have been levied. Rude and inexcusable. Particularly since one of these doctors has cancelled more than half of my appointments in the last year. Looking for a new doc, again. (Sorry, I am a little whiny today!)

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