Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The May Tea Cart

It is a Tea Time Tuesday! This vintage set was a Japanese import in the recovery years after WWII. A frequently used set, some wear can be seen on the teapot, the covered sugar and the creamer. On the Upper edges where the shape is squared off the iridescence is worn. The pieces are very thin and fragile. Only three teacups of 6 remain and one plate is missing. I have tried to replace them over the years without luck.
The Hallmark.
 The pattern is certainly marked with Asian influence. The little blue birds (starlings?) are fine lined and decorate each piece. The blue sections represent water I believe. I just adore these pieces. They have a long family history. I will likely only use these once or twice this month, they are that delicate.

An interesting, introspective and insightful post from The Simply Luxurious Life Blog. Something to ponder over your Tuesday cup of Tea!


ELMO said...

I love this tea set, it's perfect. Hope you had a good mother's day.

celkalee said...

This set had residence on the sideboard and husbands Grandmother's foursquare Victorian house ever since I could remember. I suspect during a cleaning session pieces were lost. She became a little shaky in the later years. That house was a treasure trove.

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