Monday, May 23, 2016

Strings and Rings

Little teapot with French Onion Chive blossoms, how cute are they? I am sort of besotted with them this year. Sitting atop the strings and rings quilt top, they are destined for the decor this week.

Now what is she talking about you say? Do you remember the string blocks I showed a few weeks ago? There were 15, not 16, 15. If there were 16 I could make a nice little square with a wide border and make a table cover for the back porch. If I had 16 I could make a little table runner for the dining room. Bright Summery fabrics lend themselves to many different interpretations.

Using deli paper as a backing, these strings were made from left over jelly roll strips. Not enough to make a quilt but enough to make the center of a quilt!   
Beware the nick of the rotary cutter
And you have been wondering what to do with those little selvage pieces???? A quick wrap and secure with cellophane tape. The answer is right in front of us....designer band-aids for the quilter!!!
 So that accounts for the String part of this story. Now what about the rings? I have a collection of orphan Jelly Rolls. When they are reduced in price they call me. I have a charming little book or two that make stunning quilts just using Jelly Rolls. I can't seem to find them right now, I think I lent them out.... so I have been making things up as I go along.

Soooooooooooo, using an Orphan Jelly Roll, Somerset, from the same designers and manufacturers (Moda, Fig Tree) I was thrilled to remember that one design coordinates with the other from the same designers. Sort of a Moda trade mark. 
The "flimsy"

  • I cut 2 1/2 inch squares from the left over off-white Jelly Roll strips and inserted them on the short end of the Jelly Rolls, much like the Jelly Roll Race quilt from a while ago.  
  • I then joined the string blocks with the white center string forming a chevron pattern. 4 Blocks across, 3 blocks down. 12 blocks in total. The three left over blocks will either be joined to be a little pillow or used in the backing.
  • Next I started attaching the Jelly Roll strips with the 2 1/2 inch squares on each side and then top and bottom. 
  • 6 rings later, the top measures 58 inches by 78 inches. 
  • My original plan was to put all these odd pieces together to make a picnic table cover. Now, I'm not so sure, I think I have a rocking chair lap quilt.  
The chevrons are the middle 12 blocks and the rings are 6 rows of Jelly Roll strips. Nothing brilliant her but I did get to use up that orphan Jelly Roll. I think I have enough strips to make a binding too.
 ***Another new find, the blog Home is where the Boat is.  Mary is an accomplished photographer and her flowers are stunning. Ready for a little escape... click here. 

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