Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oh My Stars- A Busy Snowbird Comes Home

Sometimes I have to chuckle to myself. Like today, my blog post title reminds me of the blaring headlines one sees on the Supermarket Rag Newspapers! No scandal here folks...just quilts!

Linda Sue has been a busy bee this Winter at her beach house. With her quilt frame facing the open ocean she has been working on this beauty.
The star blocks and setting blocks are centered around the large bird-on-branch applique. With a strong nod to traditional style, the stars have varied color small print backgrounds. There is something so warm and kind about a hand quilted piece. Her stitches are nice and even, their even spacing totally enhances this style of quilt. Not quite done, it will be a gift to Linda Sue's Brother who has been battling ill health for a few years. He will love it.

Since this is National Camp-out weekend, we are living the good life in Mondo. Friends are coming for dinner and we have great plans for around the fire. Marshmallows may be involved! Unable to decide a specific destination, we have chosen to use our own little forest for this trip. Don't laugh, even a minor change of scenery is good for the creative soul and her dog!!!!

UPDATE: we have decided to hold off on a camp out and work on the arc! Noah had a good idea, we are a little behind but thinking to gather the elephants, talk later!

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