Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Boy Oh Boy, The Boye Electric Yarn Winder

You know I like my gadgets and widgets. Any time I can find something that enhances my creative process I am all over it. Sometimes that is not my best idea.

I picked this up a couple months ago with a 50% off coupon at Joann's. In theory it is a great winder, it practice it is a bit fiddly. Let me explain.

Out of the box you see the bottom of the unit has a large suction cup that secures the device while in use. A smooth, flat surface is required. Any texture will inhibit the suction. There is a little button thing on the top in the back that you move to create the suction.
Threading the piece is easy and well illustrated in the accompanying manual.

The life and times of a gadget/widget woman is never without excitement. This was no exception. If you are only winding a small amount of yarn this is a great way to clean up your left over stash and maybe a new ball or two. If you buy large amounts of (pricey) yarn at one time for a project, let the shop wind the yarn, you will thank me. 
All wound, all 12 hanks of this beautiful Peruvian wool. Packed in sealed plastic bags and ready to travel. Yippee!

***Just had to add one more thing. No matter what my age or situation I am always thrilled to explore other design styles and the amazing people who write blogs to share their talent. This one is new to me and I cannot believe that I haven't seen it before. I have spent way too much time exploring old and new posts and loved every minute of it. So in my attempt to enlighten my readers and provide a boost to a routine day...Just Click Here to visit Design Enthusiasm and its maker..Lory!

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