Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Tea-The Ladies of the Cloth

Our annual Spring Tea was a great success. As always, our food selection was superb. Here we see Karen admiring the table. Our Kay provided the table covering and Spring themed napkins as well as the lovely centerpiece for the table. Each member brings their own place setting and we all compare china patterns. Note the table runner, a lovely pattern and Spring colors by our Terri.
Terri added some Spring twig and berry garlands too.
Our tea pots are lined up and ready for service. Terri added another flower arrangement. I brought my Lord Grantham Tea, it was a big hit.
 The Savories.
The Sweets.

We were so busy chatting and eating I forgot to take people pictures. Shame on me.

Thank you everyone for attending and sharing your delicious treats. Nothing is better than sharing precious time with like minded souls. Till next time.


ELMO said...

I missed the tea, what is in the Lord Grantham tea?

celkalee said...

As always, everybody found a way to capitalize on Downton Abbey. This is a tea in a little canister with Lord Grantham's likeness on it Labelled as a breakfast tea it is Assam black with ginger. It is from the Republic of Tea. It really is very good. We must share a cup soon! Here is a link

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