Sunday, April 3, 2016

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Hello friends. I hope your Easter/Spring Break holiday was a nice one. I have been gone a little longer than expected  and I hope you understand. It has been a bit hectic in Sewtopia. I have some new things to share this week but in the meantime while clearing out 100's of emails I came across this idea. Aren't they sweet?

Patchwork Bib Pattern

Are these the cutest or what? While working on our quilts we sometimes have bits left over or have just the right fabric that needs a purpose. What Mum would appreciate a couple new baby bibs! If you are gifting a quilt you may want to use the scraps or pick up a little extra yardage for just this purpose.

 click to see the full tutorial!

As an aside. Many quilters have lamented the lack of appreciation by some new Mums when presented with a precious hand-made quilt. Sadly, the recipients really don't understand how much talent, time and money is involved in such a generous gift. As an alternative I am thinking these little bibs or a changing mat might provide the quilter with an opportunity for a hand-made special gift without the huge commitment of a quilt. Just saying.    

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ELMO said...

Love these, so cute!!

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