Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tea Time With the Bunnies


About this time last year a new friend gifted me a special little tea cup.  When you spend hours and hours doing repeating tasks, conversation is what makes the time pass more quickly. We share a passion for beautiful dinner wear. Breading 500 pounds of fish per week will do that to you.  

Every evening I like a nice warm cup of tea and this little guy has become my go-to. 

In a minute I would head to the local Williams Sonoma and buy the entire set. And table cloths, and serve wear.

It is by grace that I don't have room to store them, really, I don't have any more room for dishes. 

Table cloths, napkins, dishes, platters, Melamine Children's place setting, etc.  I'll be right back, I need to see if there is an empty cupboard, somewhere!!!Williams Sonoma

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