Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016-Style Arc Pants Patterns, Talia and Anna

Well. how about this Wardrobe Project 2016 sewists? I have finally bitten the proverbial bullet and bought two new patterns. They are the Talia and the Anna Style Arc patterns. These are a first for me, I have not ever used a Style Arc pattern. Even though I have read so many positive reviews I suppose I hesitated because the shipping cost from Australia was prohibitive. Then I received an offer from Style Arc to order from Amazon. I didn't know they were on Amazon. So I ordered them. Guess what? I was so thrilled to find them there I forgot to apply the 25% discount coupon. I need to get checked!

So here they are. One for Woven fabrics, the Talia and one for knits, the Anna. Most of the positive comments about this pattern are related to crotch design. We will see.

Talia, for woven fabrics and Anna for stretch fabrics.
Style Arc Sewing Pattern - Talia Woven Pant (Sizes 18-30) - Click for Other Sizes AvailableStyle Arc Sewing Pattern - Anna Pant - Sizes 4-16 - Click for Other Sizes Available

I like how these pictures make the models look tall and thin, lets hope they do that for me as well. Since I am shrinking it would be a bit of a miracle. (((smile here)))

As we wrap the first block of the project I readily admit that I have finished nothing. Dealing with health issues of my own and family members has left me without much energy and little for sewing. Arthritis is one of those insidious ailments that sap your strength and motivation.  When your hands look like they belong to someone else it is a bit of a chore to use those wonderful Kai scissors! I am hopeful today that things will improve a bit.

On another note, sort of in the hopeful vein I have signed up for a machine embroidery class in May and a Mystery Block of the Month quilt class. Now I call that hopeful.

Update 5/3/16 as the result of family illness, I have not started either of these Style Arc pants. I haven't given up, I am just not able to make and/or review them right now. I will get to them eventually :) Thank you for understanding.

4/22/18----I wanted to add a little update about the Anna pant. I did make it from a light weight poly/cotton knit. It was a muslin of sorts. Number one, hated the fabric made up. Too loosely woven to drape well. Number two, the pattern rise is very low on the abdomen. That is my fault for not measuring a second time after adjusting for the drawstring waist. My little "pooch" was not made for a low rise pant. Otherwise the cut was nice, and the derrier fit and crotch curve worked well for me.  

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